Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Going for a swim...

Lily does not get her picture taken enough because someone else (Blue) seems to monopolize that spot. Lily may be the best dog we have ever had. She is so sweet and amazing with the kids! I am not sure this family will ever be without a Labrador Retriever. Lily is our third lab and each one was pretty awesome!

Lily loves the pond and will swim at every opportunity! This weekend she enjoyed some afternoon swims to cool down. Blue was asleep on the sofa and never realized what he was missing!

Ghost will follow Lily down to the pond and stare at her the entire time. I am not sure if she is trying figure out what Lily is doing or wishing she could jump in and swim, too.

The beautiful pink lily pads floated away with the flood of 2011. Last year we started to replant some Lily pads and this year we had our first bloom! So pretty.

I guess these two spiders think they are a great place to hide. Do you spy the second spider? His legs are holding onto a pedal.

It is almost time to start fall clean up. I am not really to say good bye to summer yet...wishing for a few more days of swimming!
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