Thursday, August 7, 2014

On a roll (kind of)....

After finishing the mudroom stencil I was excited to start on another wall. The girls had an accent wall in their room that needed some love. We had contemplated wallpaper on this wall but Maddie suggested stenciling their wall instead. Super idea, since we had the stencil and paint!!

We turned the stencil on its side to give it a different look from the mudroom. We used the SW Unique Gray over the purple wall. SW unique Gray is the color of the other three walls.

Spike stayed close by watching us. Can you spy his little eyes?

Here we are as of tonight! The wall is finished. We need to get curtains and accessories for the top of the shelf. I am also thinking we need to add crown molding. small project always leads to more! Sarah's mouse cage use to sit on top of the shelf but Maisy went to visit Bubbles in heaven this week. The burial and funeral was yesterday :(

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