Thursday, August 14, 2014

Painting the doors gray...

To paint or not to paint the interior doors? That was the question for the last year. Should I paint them black, gray, or maybe a light blue. Finally I decided on gray and searched Pinterest for the ideal color of gray. I decided on BM Chelsea Gray but when we went to Benjamin Moore and I looked at the paint swatch it looked too light. Maddie and Sarah were with me and we took a vote.  We left with a gallon of Kendall Charcoal, two shades darker than Chelsea Gray. "It's only paint" was my mantra. 

After painting the downstairs doors we moved to the upstairs. The gray matches perfect in the girls room with their furniture! (Don't mind the stain on the floor from my messy painting...hopefully new carpet is on its way in the future.)

A view of the upstairs hallway. The darker shade of gray is perfect with the sun light hallway. 
Again, don't mind the flooring, it is next on the "to do list."

BM Kendall Charcoal you may be my new favorite paint color. 
Thinking you would look beautiful on a piece of furniture :)

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corners of my life said...

Perfect timing. The deck on our new house is all light grey. We were looking for a darker color to contrast the railings. I will check out Kendall Charcoal today. Thanks.

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