Monday, July 21, 2014

Window boxes...

The first home Tony and I lived in had four window boxes. The previous owners built the boxes and stenciled the fronts with a country flower motif. I loved those window boxes and enjoyed picking the flowers that would fill them each year. Our second home had no window boxes and I missed the fun of filling them and watching them bloom. There is something about being inside and looking out through your window and seeing fresh flowers blooming.

In the spring pansies overflow the boxes and gives the house a much needed pop of color. Last year they were red, this year they were purple. After they do their duty in the window boxes, they find a new purpose on the edge of the woods.

My favorite flower to plant in the window boxes are impatiens. For the last two years we have not been able to buy them at our local nursery, apparently there was a fungus (or infection of some sort) that was wiping them out. They are hoping to have them next year.

One forth of July we hung the flags on the boxes instead of the porch for a different look. 

Usually a flag finds its way into each box for the forth and labor day. These boxes have impatiens, a potato vine, and pink geraniums.

Two mums and a pumpkin for the fall.

This year we planted begonia's and some purple flowers as fillers. 

I wasn't sure how the boxes would fill out but they are looking extra pretty with the purple and white. 

No winter pictures because we hang wreaths on the windows for Christmas but thinking maybe this year we will give it a try. Not sure what plants would be able to handle the boxes and the cold; I guess I will need to do some homework!

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Christine said...

For winter, I pick up blow off pine or fir branches and put them in my boxes. You can add what ever you have or like to the greens. They last all season!

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