Sunday, July 13, 2014

A story of resiliency.....

Vinh Chung writes with Tim Downs to tell his family’s story in the pages of Where The Wind Leads. This is an extraordinary story that takes one back in history and brings you to present day. Chung’s memoir is more than his story but an account of his family’s resiliency through history.

I actually finished Chung’s book a week and a half ago, but felt I needed to process his family’s story before writing a review. This book tells a piece of history, a family’s legacy, and intertwines a story of loss with hope. In a lifetime if you would experience one of the trials faced by this family it would be significant but this family is faced with challenge after challenge and they continue to never let it defeat them. They are an example of how adversity only made them stronger.

The beginning starts in South Vietnam in 1937 with the birth of his grandfather and the start of a world war. You learn about history through the eyes of the Chung family and how they survived and didn’t survive the war. Time will continue and bring the Chung family to the Vietnam War and the story will weave the growth of their family and profitable business with bits of history. The war is told through the eyes of a Vietnam citizen and offers a unique view of a troubled time. After the war this family is faced with the tough decision to stay in the country they love or to leave and risk it all for the chance of freedom. To load their family of 10 into a boat and hope it takes them to the shores of freedom.  You will read that independence does not come easy.

This family does eventually make it to the United States but how they get there is a miracle.  Life is not easy once they find themselves in the United States yet again it does not hinder their success. This is a family who is faced with poverty in the United States and rises above it. Today the Chung family holds twenty-one university degrees, with Vinh Chung a graduate of Harvard University.

As a public health nurse this book touched my heart. Their story is one that is not only unique to the Chung family but to many here in our wonderful land of freedom, we call the United States. What is unique with the Chung family is their ability to rise above every obstacle placed in their path, to remain strong, succeed, and find God in the middle of it all. A remarkable story and one I will read more than once.

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange of my honest review. This is in accordance with FTC Guidelines.

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