Monday, June 23, 2014

Installing a river stone patio...

Over the last four years we have slowly been making changes to the house. You can see what the outside looked like when we moved in here and here. It has been a slow steady process but that is okay because the kids are learning some great lessons through this process. Mostly, you don't get everything you want when you want it...

I have hated these polls from the moment we moved in!  For some reason they kept getting pushed down on the "to do list." Finally the time has come to cover them up! I may have done the happy dance a few times during this process! When we moved in we added river stones to the covered area and have decided to extend the patio area to allow room for a picnic table. 

The first step was to use Round Up weed killer to kill off the grass and cover the area with black landscape cover up. Not sure if that is the right name but it comes on a long roll and you just roll it out over the area where you don't want weeds or grass.

The area of the new patio is lower than the house, so Tony ordered a total of four scoops: half modified stone and half stone dust mixed together from a local nursery.  After the first 7 wheel barrel loads we were ready to quit but 26 loads later we had the foundation complete! The stone needs raked out and tamped down before adding the river stone.

The next step was adding the river stones. Again, Tony ordered 3.5 scoops of river rock from a local nursery and had it delivered to the home. We didn't count how many wheel barrels loads this stone took.....we were tired and ready to be finished!

Covering the polls was out of our comfort zone and thank goodness for a brother-in-law that has a construction business. My nephew did an awesome...amazing...beautiful job covering those ugly burgundy polls!! Now to decide if we paint them beige or leave them white???? For right now I am liking them white.

 Here we are today....

Still on the "to do list" is landscaping around the patio. A new picnic table is also on the wish list...but I am in no rush because the polls are covered!!! 

Loving summer!! 

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corners of my life said...

I love the little glimpse of the Mr. working hard on this project.

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