Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fresh cut flower garden

Do your remember what the flower garden looked like in September of 2010?
Oh was a mountain of weeds and we were not sure what we would find!
To our surprise we found a beautiful flower garden.
We waited a full year to see what flowers would grow
before we decide to add to the garden.

Over the last few years we added new
flowers but the majority are original. 
Preserving a little history. 

This year I would like to add some 
baby's breathe. It would make a 
nice addition to a vase of fresh cut flowers.

I am patiently waiting for the daffodil's to turn brown
so we can cut them back. In the spring the beds are full

The beautiful orange stakes are holding the nets 
around the blueberry bushes. If we don't net the
birds will beat us to them!

The first peony bloomed yesterday...

These two followed me around the garden....
not sure what they are both watching?
Maybe their brother....Blue?

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