Sunday, June 1, 2014

Flower garden plant list

I took the pictures from this morning and labeled them with the plant list!
This has been on my to do list for a very long time....

A: Peony (magenta)
B: Blueberry bush
C: Bleeding Heart
D: Lavender
E: Daffodil's
F: Forget Me Not's
G: Day Lily
H: Daisy's
I:   Zinnia's
J:   Belladonna Lily (Naked Lady)
K: Salvia

L: Iris
M: Not sure? Purple flowers
N: Fox glove

O: Phlox
P: Bee Balm
Q: Snap dragon seeds (I will plant babies breathe here if the snap dragon seeds don't grow)
R: Sedum

A view of the day lily's at the back of the flower bed. I divided them
two years ago and they need divided again!

The picture I took this morning while standing on an eight foot ladder.
Heehee...I can only imagine what the neighbors said 
looking out their windows this morning...
but now I have the flower garden labeled!


corners of my life said...

We just spent a weekend in Vermont visiting our son and his wife in their new home. They have multiple gardens with a variety of plants. I shared your blog post with them - great idea!

ichi-ban critic said...

Wow, I remember when that was a weed patch (before you bought the property). You have a gift for bringing the beauty.

ChrisPert said...

Beautiful gardens, nice photos! I love all your cool "blues" - iris, forget-me-nots, salvia - in fact, your unidentified "M" is, I think centaurea montana (bachelor buttons), and all mine have melted away here in the northeast, so it was a pleasure to see yours doing so well! :-)

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