Monday, June 23, 2014

Book review: NIV Teen Study Bible

Lil Tony and I were very excited when the NIV Teen Study Bible was one of the books available for review through Booklook Bloggers. We have been looking for a new bible for Tony and wanted a bible that would engage him both intellectually and spiritually.

The NIV Teen Study Bible is more than just a bible! The first page has The Apostles Creed and the history behind the creed. Each phrase of the creed is broken down and a biblical reference is provided to support it.  This section is title "We Believe" and equips the reader with the knowledge needed when faced with challenges and questions regarding their faith.

Lil Tony's favorite section of the book was the question's presented throughout each chapter. The bible trivia is filled with interesting information about the passages. I noticed this helped to keep him engaged in the reading and allowed for great discussion as a family. He is enjoying asking his sisters the trivia questions and seeing if they know the answers. I see us buying two more NIV Teen Study Bibles in our future!

Dear Jordan, was Tony's second favorite section because it asks a question related to needing advice. Even though the stories of the bible are from many years ago, they are pertinent to today. This section answers the questions with the stories of biblical characters.

The NIV Teen Study Bible has a "Panorama" section that helps to focus on the main idea of each section. "To the Point" is a section that allows the reader to take everyday problems and find the scripture to help one work through the problem solving process.

As a parent, I liked the "Instant Access" and the "Bible Promises" section. Teens are faced with tough decisions and the instant access section helps to provide those "what do I do" answers. This sections answers those tough question directly....telling the reader what God would say. As a parent we talk with the kids about making "good choices" and sometimes I wonder if they are really listening to us. It is nice to know that when he is reading his bible it is reinforcing those "good choices" that are sometimes hard to make in today's world.

The bible is filled with many promises and some of these verses are highlighted throughout the bible. For example, "Lord, you are my perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things" from Isaiah 25:1. I like that the promises are short verses which are easy to remember .

I will be heading over to Amazon now to purchase two more NIV teen study Bible's for the girls! A great addition to our personal library!

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