Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day(s)....

It is starting to feel like Alaska in Pennsylvania and I am wondering if we will ever see temperatures above freezing. The other day the temperature reached 17 and I decided not to wear my winter coat! I imagine 50 degrees is going to feel like 80 degrees! The kids have used up all the make up snow days and now they are adding the make up days to the end of the school year. Maybe they will get out by July 4th!

Lil Tony has been hoping we would get a foot of snow this winter and I thought his wish was going to come true on Monday...

This picture was mid-storm. The final total was 8 inches! 

8 inches of snow to clear from the drive way to be able to get to work....

"Get to work?"
Yep...a chef and a nurse usually do not get snow days! 

Blue and spike...
they get snow days!

And today another storm traveled our way...
Bringing us 1/2 inch of ice.
This means:
no power
no heat
no water
trees falling
and roads closed

And a snow day!

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