Friday, January 17, 2014

Stepping back in time...

My brother (Uncle Mark) and I had the opportunity to get to be part of our Great Grandpa's life. When he passed, I was 15 years old and Uncle Mark was 12 years old....I feel very blessed. We spent many days in our younger years at Great Grandpa's home, since my mom would check on him and help clean his house each week. His house went for auction when I was 15 years old and I remember thinking how much I loved this home and the memories it held and so sad that it did not stay in the family.

That was 1985 and now his home is for sale again. My mom called to see if we wanted to tour the open house....of course we do!!! Lets go....

The house looks very much like it did when my Great-Grandparents owned it.

The house was built by my Great-Grandparents in 1925.
The trolley ran down main street,
which made an easy commute to work each morning.

 Yes, I will take one of those kitchen sinks please...

Tony is in the enclosed back porch.

Mom (grandmom) is taking in the kitchen. 
On the corner of the kitchen counter was a tin that 
Great Grandpa kept M&M's in and
we were allowed one handful. We would work
real hard to get the largest handful possible!

The back yard that use to have a swing
and two large gardens behind the garage. 
And the view use to be fields....not a development.

Love these steps!
Dad (P-pa) headed to the second floor.

A tiny bath upstairs...
and the only bath!

The original keys to the doors...

So many great memories in this old house...
hopefully the next owner keeps it in good care for
many years to come!

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Kim said...

How lucky you were to have the opportunity to go back inside and take in all those wonderful memories! I'm curious, where is the house located? I wish I was in the market for a house. It's adorable!

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