Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring time...

Spring is my favorite time of the year...

When we moved this garden was unrecognizable.
It was covered with 6ft high weeds.
We decided to leave the garden and see what grows.
Amazingly, we have only planted a few of the plants you see.
Almost all of the plants are from previous home owners.

The original family who owned the home had a grand-daughter who was a horticulturist.
There are many plants we can't identify.
The area nursery knew her well and has told us to take photo's
to bring in and they will help us to identify some of the plants.
Before our neighbor moved, from the farmhouse across the street,
she shared with us how many of our plants and her plants dated back
to the early 1900's and to the original owners.
It feels good to preserve a little bit of history.
This bleeding heart is a transplant from my mom's garden.

This blue berry bush was saved from the many weeds.
Each year we see more and more blooms!
This year we need to cover it with a net...
last year the birds enjoyed the berries
before we could.

I do not remember this plant growing last year...
and I have no idea what it might be.
I am thinking maybe it is a biannual?

Hens and Chicks...
also transplants from my mom's garden.

I love these poppies....
unfortunately the tiger lily's are squeezing them
out of space. We are thinking of moving them
to a new spot.

Down by the creek the ferns are growing strong.
They are the coolest plant to watch grow.

This iris is also new to bloom this year.
I am not sure why it didn't bloom last year.
A happy surprise.

The yellow iris's around the pond are growing taller every day.
Can't wait to see them bloom!


Pine Tree Home said...

Very pretty yard!

Beth said...

Pretty pictures, Wendy! and you got some bokeh on the fern pic (I think so anyway). I think the photo of the "new unidentified plant" might be a weed. That guy has fooled me before because it looks very much like a plant. It's a bugger to get out too, very strong roots. Can anyone else chime in here, is it a plant or a weed?

corners of my life said...

I remember that garden from oh so long ago when I first started reading your blog. Amazing transformation . . .

corners of my life said...

I love the mother robin on the fence contemplating where to build her nest.

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