Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Our" first garden......

I am using the term "our" very loosely!
This garden is Tony's baby.
He has been planning this garden since we moved.
This winter he has been reading, studying and putting his plans to paper...

My mom and Tony placed their plant order this winter
and each month he awaits the delivery of a new plant.
He started some from seeds and some from plants.

In April he rented a sod cutter and started to remove the grass.
Oh my....
what a process.
It got tired just watching...
Thank goodness for our kind neighbor who
showed up with his tractor and rototiller.
What a life (back) saver he was!
May I add...Tony has now added a tractor to his
wish list :)
Here we are today...
This weekend he started to plant some of
the crop! Lettuce, brussel sprouts,
broccoli and an herb garden.
Next year we hope to add a pretty fence
to protect it from the deer.
Looks like I need to learn how to can!

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