Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On the move....

Early on April morning...
I woke to Tony yelling,
"Wendy get up...hurry up"
My first thought
But then when he yelled....
"grab your camera."
I know something odd must be happening....
 A herd of wild turkey's crossing the road...
They actually stopped and looked before they crossed the road...
and then ran right into the woods!
We haven't seen them since.
No sure where they came from or where they are going?
They seemed to know....
guess that is all that matters.

In April we also took a trip to wish
Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy safe travels
as they follow a dream.

Visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy is
a favorite for Sarah.
Aunt Cindy is an animal lover
and Sarah loves every minute!
Sarah was so excited to meet Jessica's
newest puppy.
 Can not deny these two are brothers!
Jim is the oldest of the 5 boys...
and Tony is the "baby" of the 5.
Aunt Cindy's horses are the most beautiful horses.
They are also the sweetest horses.
It was a favorite visit when they lived closer.
We are not saying good bye...
but instead
planning a road trip to Montana.
Wishing them all the best as they
follow their dreams!

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