Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Basement Tour...

Since I have a break from school this week, I decided to clean up the large amount of draft blog posts I started and never shared. The basement was the first project we tackled when we moved in 2010. Apparently I wrote this around Halloween.....

Since it is Halloween time, I felt it would be appropriate to share our scary basement with you. The door is kept locked, not sure why we keep it locked. We know that if anything is living in the basement it wouldn't be the able to turn the door knob if it wanted to, I guess it makes us feel better! Ha Ha!!

Actually, I think Tony dislikes the basement more than me. He will not venture down there unless Lily, our black lab, is with him. He also sends Lily down the steps first. To defend his actions, I do need to tell you that when we were here with the home inspector in July, they opened the door to the basement and something ran. They are not sure what it was or where it went. Reassuring...uhhh!  Whatever it was ran into one of these cracks. We also know that winter is coming and we don't need any snakes finding their way into the house! Not a snake fan.

After that little event, it was decided that having the basement walls re-pointed would be one of the first projects completed. Good bye critters! We thought of attempting this ourselves, but
then decided to let professional handle the job!  The basement is small, it is only the size of the original farm house which was built in 1900. Isn't it interesting how the wall jets out and creates a ledge. It is only like this on half of one wall. What are your thoughts? Why would they have done this in the 1900's and what would it have been used for? I know that originally the concrete top wasn't there and it had a dirt floor.

Today when I got home they have half of the basement walls finished!

Isn't it looking so much better!!

Now, when we were outside the other weekend cutting down 4 foot high weeds that were 3 foot deep we discovered this window. This window is to the brownstone basement. If you look closely, you will see the window is broken and parts even missing.  The only barrier to the inside is the insulation. Not Good!!

Here we are looking at the same window from the inside. The mason will be closing that window off with brownstone! Good bye critters!!

This wall is finished except for the window! Who knew I would be so happy about seeing brown stone sealed up! Maybe will be able to start unlocking the basement door....I said maybe!

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