Sunday, March 17, 2013

The story...

If only trees could talk
and tell us their story...
This tree has been here for a long time.
We sometimes wonder if it was here before our home was built...
or maybe it grew the same year our home was built...1900?
Did a farmer plant it?
Did it grow on its own?
This tree has seen some hard times...
missing a few branches,
survived many storms,
and a home for many.
It would be easy to come in and cut it down
because it might not be perfect...
but its foundation is stong
and it belongs to a part of history
we don't know...

This is the silly stuff we think of when sitting on our back porch...
watching the birds gather as the sun is setting.
 Last week we went through some 800 pictures...
pictures taken from moving day to present.
We can't believe how neglected the land was when
we move here in 2010. On moving day we visualized
the beautiful possibilities of bringing it back to life.
Watching it come alive every spring is a true gift.
Hopefully this old tree feels the same
and hopefully it enjoys many more years!

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