Sunday, January 6, 2013

Menu Planning...

Menu planning....sometimes the thought of trying to plan what is for dinner depresses me. This all changed four years ago when I went back to work full time and Tony took over the grocery shopping and menu plannings. Woo made sense for him to tackle this wonderful chore! Well, fast forward to 2013....I have decreased my hours at work and it only makes sense for me to take back some of this wonderful chore.....sigh.

I have memories of my mom sitting at the kitchen table every week, planning the meals and writing her grocery list. We follow the same weekly process, it works really well and helps to keep the grocery bill within budget.

Every Friday morning or Thursday evening we plan out the weeks meals. Before deciding on the weekly meals we check the freezer to see if there are any frozen casseroles, what meat we have, and check the cabinets for available items. I love when we have almost all the making for meals with little planning.

Menu: Week 1

Pork and Sauerkraut casserole
(made from left overs)
Meatballs and Ravioli
Ham and Swiss Casserole
Week in Review
(aka left overs)
Most of the time we menu plan from favorite recipe books, pinterest, ideas from friends and the recipe box.

The recipe box is compiled of favorite recipes from family and friends. The other night when the kids were going through the box one of them commented that they want the box when they have their own place. This started a minor sibling feud, but led us to an idea.....why not record our favorite (4 or 5 spoon) recipes on the blog. It will be available for them anytime...any where. Even the end of the year we can turn it into a book...a copy for each of them!

I think this kid pressure was just what I need to get back into the blogging grove again! Week 1 here we go.....
P.S.(If you have any great dinner ideas please feel free to share...we are always looking for new ideas!)


stephanie said...

My plan was to sit down today and plan for the week. It didn't happen, I have a teenager who just needed to go shopping! haha

Hope to sit with my recipes tomorrow. However I do have a meal planned for the crock pot tomorrow. Of course it's from Pinterest! Italian Chicken, it better be good!

Wendy said...

let us know if it's crock pot recipes!!

dee dee said...

I told someone the other day I was much too young to want to start ordering out every night... I just need some inspiration as to what to cook!
Love your idea!
dee dee

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I don't know how anyone could go grocery shopping without a list, and how can you make a list if you don't have a weekly menu, and how can you make a weekly menu without some recipes. Whew..that just spiraled out of control. The skillet pasta you wrote about on your last post will probably make an appearance at my house next week. I always enjoy finding a new recipe, it helps keep me from getting into a rut.

Deb said...

I know two of those recipes! In fact, we just the casserole this week now that I can cook with eggs again, and we're having Mary's meatballs on Friday. Yum!

corners of my life said...

I love when we are organized and plan our meals ahead of time. I just don't do it often enough. Here are some of our favorite recipes:
(see "recipe" drop down menu)

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