Saturday, January 12, 2013

Addition needed…..

To Sarah:
You are planning to plant a fairy garden in the flower garden this summer. As part of the fairy garden you would like the fairies to have a house to find shelter in; to protect themselves from the weather and the furry critters who live in the woods. One afternoon while at the craft store you discovered a kit for furniture and for a wooden house. Perfect size for fairies…..
jan 2013 (10)
Your fairies are going to be very happy in their new cottage…
jan 2013 (2)
The fun part….
jan 2013 (7)
Choosing the paint colors for the furniture
and their new cottage….
jan 2013 (3) 
 jan 2013 (6) 
A four room cottage…
   Kitchen, Family Room, 1 Bedroom and 1 Bath….jan 2013 (11)
  Exterior Colors:
Burgundy with white trim….jan 2013 (13)   You elicited Maddie’s help…
Painting a whole house and furniture is a big undertaking,
plus it is more fun to have a friend to paint with! jan 2013 (16)  
jan 2013 (20)

Furniture painted and ready for the big moving day…
jan 2013 (9)
Until we have warmer weather the fairy cottage is needs to stay in doors. You have been rearranging the furniture and informed us yesterday that your fairies have already out grown their cottage and need an addition. Apparently the fairies are going to have 2-3 children and at least 2 more bedrooms are needed….I guess we will be traveling to the craft store.
Can’t wait for moving in day this summer!

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corners of my life said...

What a fun, creative project for those kiddos.

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