Friday, January 11, 2013

A rebel....

Not really, but maybe kind of.
When I first started to blog a few years ago
I read lots of articles on....
how to start a blog,
blogging etiquette,
finding your blogging niche,
write to your audience,
how to write to your audience,
don't over blog on one day,
don't under blog,
how to take photo's,
blogging rules,
watch your stats,
be on facebook,
be on twitter,
be on pinterest......
And in the end I was left feeling confused
about blogging. Silly, I know...
for gosh sakes it is only a blog!
Three years later,
mystery solved....
This blog is a journal written for my

Day by day,
month to month,
chapter to chapter,
our little story is created...
It may bore you and that is okay...
you may enjoy some of our stories,
recipes, home improvements...hurray!
We love hearing about your story, too!
We are probably not too exciting or different
from anyone else but to the kids when they
read the blog...
it is exciting and fun....
and they are my niche, my audience, my stats.
You may see some changes on the blog this year
and you will notice I am writing to them....
Most excited about turning this journal into a hard copy
at the end of the year.
Two of my amazing blogging friends did this last year
and love it!!
Today my plan is to post more then one post...
Living on the edge here....

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