Saturday, November 10, 2012

The perfect omelet....

Of course the perfect omelet is the omelet that I didn't cook!
Lil T has been practicing his omelet making and flipping skills.
The other week Tony bought him a brand new omelet pan.
Now every Saturday we are enjoying omelets....
compliments to our chef...Lil T!

He has become quite particular about making his omelets and I asked him what his secret is to getting the omelet to flip in the pan....butter....lots of butter in the bottom of the pan!


I am considering a pile of dirty dishes
a small price to pay for
a delicious omelet!
Also hoping he doesn't
out grow this omelet making
phase any time soon!

1 comment:

dee dee said...

Like father,,, like son!
Looks like you have two chefs in the family!
dee dee

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