Sunday, April 22, 2012


Getting back to college was a goal since graduating nursing school many years ago, although I always seemed to find a "good" reason why it just wasn't the right time. That was until 3 years ago when I took my first class and was an official college student again. Do you know what I realized? I love being in school and using my brain in a different way. Sure, on the first day of class I usually could throw up, because of nerves and then panic when I read the syllabus...but after I get past the first two weeks and settle into is really good.

This semester I attended the local community college to take an art photography. This class is amazing on so many levels. Thinking I was going to learn all the functions of my camera (which I have), but the primary focus is on the art of the photo. We only shoot in RAW and full frame cropping in this class. The entire picture is graded. The attention is on the composition of the photo; the light, the geometry, and the feel of the photo. Each week we are given a shooting assignment....that is always left for our interpretation. My scientific brain has been pushed to function less in the black and white of things, but learn to live in the grey. I have made many mistakes and find myself humbled by how much I have to learn. On a weekly basis our photo's are shown on the gallery wall and critiqued by our peers and professors. I have had my photo's picked a part and elements liked. I am thankful for this hour of is what pushes me to take want to learn more.  I have gained a great appreciation for this beautiful form of art.

This week I was blessed with an amazing honor. One of my pieces (titled, Table Service) was chosen to be in the Student Honor Show. This exhibit is open to the entire art department and over 1,000 pieces were submitted....100 were selected for the final exhibit. Speechless is all I can say. It was an honor to have my print hang beside some talented artists.

Humbled....sometimes it is a good place to be.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is here....

Hello, Dear Friends.
I hope this day finds you well. We are enjoying a spring day that feels like summer and I have to admit, I love it. This is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, the frogs are jumping, the trees are budding, and flowers are blooming....

  This is our second summer at the pond house
and we are having fun watching the
land come alive again.
The blue berry bushes are blooming and
Lil Tony is hoping for more then 3 blue berries this year!

The apple trees are in bloom....

Skunk cabbage has filled the woods and along the creek....

Lily of the Valley smells beautiful....

We started a shade garden.....

No, we are not growing milk crates!
The deer were eating the day lilies
this year....ugh! We need to get some
chicken wire and ivory soap!

And my favorite project so far is the addition
of a new fence and patio! Here are my boys
saying good bye to the old side walk!

Spring also means my class is almost over,
although I really don't want it to end!
I am excited to share more with you
soon! It has been one of my favorite,
most challenging, and best classes!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Talented Friends (at The Olde Factory)....

The Olde Factory is a fun part of my life. It actually has become a fun part of our family's life. The kids have learned to know the other vendors and enjoy walking the three floors in search of treasures. It does help that there is a wonderful candy store located on the second floor. I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents and my grandmother giving me change to spend at the local candy store. When I was little 50cents could buy us a bag full of penny favorite was Swedish is still my favorite! Today it is fun to watch my kids walk very quickly (no running at the factory) to the candy store. I think they could spend hours in the store trying to decide how to spend their dollar. Their candy choice today was sour warheads, I am too much of wimp to try them. Thinking my next post should be the candy store!

It really is a fun group of vendors at The Olde Factory and Nancy is one of my favorite to chat with. Sometimes we find an hour quickly pass by as we share painting tips and new ideas. Today I am very very excited to share her booth with you. She is a talented painter. Many of her pieces over the years have found there way into my home!


If you are in the area please stop by and say hi to Nancy! Her two booths are both located on the first can't miss them when you walk in the front door! I just love her style. As I post these pictures I am thinking I need to go back tomorrow for the blue oval mirror...I am sure it called my name! How about you...did you spy a favorite?
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