Monday, February 20, 2012

Lets call it progress....

If you follow along on facebook, you know the girls room is slowly coming together. Painting took a little longer then I expected, the orange wall needed two coats of primer...ugh! Did I tell you the trim in their room was black...double ugh! Happy to say the trim is white and the walls are grey and purple!

The bunk bed arrived on Friday and the girls couldn't wait for Tony to put it together. They have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor for a few weeks now. Their room felt like a college dorm room. On Sunday, Tony and Sarah started to put them together.

Sarah was a little worried when they were unpacking the beds that they looked like crib side rails.....

Half way into the project the little helper decided to take a kind of girl!

The instructions said 2 hour assembly time....5 hours later the bunk beds are ready to be tested.

There is still a long list of projects to be completed:
-the green vanity is going to the booth
-a love seat and chair should be delivered this week
-new lights
-built in book shelves....

And paint the dresser white....
We will call it is exciting to see it come together and to hear the girls making the room their own!

As for progress in the is the my latest. This was an old wood box from my friends family barn. Do you spy the chairs in the back...I hate painting chairs, but always love how they look when they are finished. Hopefully this weekend will be the weekend to finish up these loose ends!

Sorry for the poor picture quality...they were all taken with my phone. My camera and I are enrolled in a photography class at college. It is an awesome class and I am happy to say I survived my first critique. My camera is set up for taking pictures in the raw and I need to buy another camera card for the blog and family pictures.

Hope you have a wonderful week, filled with a little progress!


dee dee said...

The girls room is looking fantastic! The bunkbeds in that room will be perfect!
Can't wait to see the rest!
dee dee

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Yay for the camera class! That's exciting! Can't wait to see the finished room!

Christine said...

How exciting to have the room coming together. I'm impressed with Tony's patience. Five hours is a long time!

corners of my life said...

The beds have such a cute cottage look.

Leslie said...

You and Tony are working so hard!
It's lots of working moving rooms and kids and stuff around!
Now that I have 4 kids at home (2 of them the Exchange students), I know all the work involved.
Slow and steady, decluttering as we go makes the rooms complete :)
It's going to be beautiful and I'm sure it will be worth it!
HUGS, lovey!

Robyn said...

The room is looking wonderful and I LOVE LOVE the wall colors!

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