Sunday, January 29, 2012

Talented Friends....

Are you a morning person? On the weekends I love mornings, I grab my cup of coffee, lap top, and sit down to see what inspiring ideas are floating out there in blog land. Sometimes I have to be careful, because I can get "stuck" on the computer for a long....time!

This morning the first image I saw when I fired up the lap top was a dresser painted by my very talented friend, Anita! Maybe one day she would allow me to take you on a tour of her beautiful cape cod home! She has painted many of the walls in her home....a cottage garden in her breezeway...a carousel horse in her son's bedroom....and a barn for the playroom! She is one talented girl!

Here is her latest project....



She said she is planning to make-over her breezeway!
Can't wait to see pictures!

If Relatively Unique has ever inspired you to complete a project
please let us know....we would love to share it with our readers!
It is because of you that we love what we do!
Thank you for inspiring us!


Tami said...

I have a similar subway chest as well. Feel free to visit!
Fondly, Tami

dee dee said...

Oh the damage I could do if I ever got my hands on a lettering machine like yours! Your subway dresser seems to have been very inspiring! Great idea and wonderful end results!
Have a great weekend!
Dee Dee

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