Monday, January 30, 2012

Closet Organization....

Last week we decided to start organizing and decorating the girls room. Originally, we hoped to combine Maddie and Sarah's bedroom sets into one room. Nope, it didn't work. The room felt cluttered with furniture and stuff. Last week we sold Maddie's bedroom set!! Getting rid of 5 pieces of furniture opened the room up and it feels bigger already.

The problem; it left Maddie with no dresser. She was a great sport and piled her clothe in a Rubbermaid container while we tried to figure out the best way to provide her storage. The goal was to not add another dresser. The best way to meet this goal was to reorganize Maddie's closet.

Closet Before:

This may be a short term fix. I know we have two girls who are going to grow and their closet will grow with them. A long term goal is to utilize the attic space as a dressing room, since the attic door is in their room.

Today....we are talking short term goals!

Using shelving purchased at Lowe's we placed two shelving units and a shoe rack in the closet...

Tony raised the original bar and shelf. A second bar was added to allow for more clothes to be hung. To make sure the shelves remain secure, he attached the shelves to studs (Dad you taught us well).

This pile of shoes.....

Are now neatly organized....

Pants and skirts...neatly hung...

Shirts hung (by length....per Maddie's organization style)....


Find their place on the closet door...

One closet, one dresser, and one end table all combined into one organized closet....

As Tony and I were finishing the closet Maddie shared a picture she drew.....
I just love watching the talents God gave my children grow...
So, I remind myself tonight...
even though this may be the neatest you ever
see this closet...
It is okay...
Because God is working hard in this beautiful daughter of mine...
and I thank him every day for giving me the gift of raising her!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Talented Friends....

Are you a morning person? On the weekends I love mornings, I grab my cup of coffee, lap top, and sit down to see what inspiring ideas are floating out there in blog land. Sometimes I have to be careful, because I can get "stuck" on the computer for a long....time!

This morning the first image I saw when I fired up the lap top was a dresser painted by my very talented friend, Anita! Maybe one day she would allow me to take you on a tour of her beautiful cape cod home! She has painted many of the walls in her home....a cottage garden in her breezeway...a carousel horse in her son's bedroom....and a barn for the playroom! She is one talented girl!

Here is her latest project....



She said she is planning to make-over her breezeway!
Can't wait to see pictures!

If Relatively Unique has ever inspired you to complete a project
please let us know....we would love to share it with our readers!
It is because of you that we love what we do!
Thank you for inspiring us!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road trip....

Hello Friends...
We woke this morning to a blanket of
beautiful white snow covering the ground.
Planning to make soup,
drink hot chocolate and
play in the snow...
maybe even snuggle on the couch for a movie!

What I am really excited to share with you is
 the road trip Tony and I
took yesterday to Maryland.
Wow...what a fantastic day.
First we visited The Barn Sale in Fredrick, Md
Stylish Patina is hosting the sale and the barn is filled with
the most beautiful pieces of furniture.
You can see pictures on their website, Stylish Patina.
The sale continues through Sunday! 

From The Barn Sale we headed to Leesburg, Va.
Tony and I only had the day to spend on our little
road trip, but decided we need to plan a weekend.

As soon as I walked through the door
I felt like I had been transported to Paris...
(I could have spent all day here)

Love the creamy white of the furniture
and the color of the pillows...
a silver / purple color... 

More creamy white furniture
and love the sign...
"Don't piss off the fairies"

More delicious bedding....

We took the car for our road trip...
this was a big ole mistake,
because these babies couldn't make it home with us.
Wouldn't they make awesome closest doors?

Tony was loving this idea....

This swing would  be perfect for a
tree in our backyard....

There were so many beautiful mantels...
this may be the reason we travel back.
I have the perfect place for this guy...

A french door with a mirror instead of glass...
this would be perfect for our basement door!

Our new motto....

Now we need to plan a road trip with a truck
and for more then just a day...

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Enter with caution....

In the old house the girls each had their own bedroom and their own decorating style. They are truly opposites! In the new house the girls share a room. They have adjusted wonderfully. It is so much fun to hear them giggling and whispering at night. I always wished I had a sister, I am so happy they have each other.

The one thing they have in common is pack-rat-atitis, as Tony calls it. They keep everything! Today the girls started to de-clutter their room! The plan is to re-do the room and start from scratch. Instead of trying to merge their two bedroom sets together, we are going to sell it all and start over. They are excited to make this space theirs!

What I love most about my girls is that they know what they want and they know they each have their own style. I love listening to them pull it together.

Keeping it is the room today...

As you can see we haven't accomplished anything in their room since moving. Still have the paper shades, orange wall and lots of new clutter!

Here is their plan:

1. Bunk beds in white

2. Maddie color choice for a comforter: purple.

3. Sarah color choice for a comforter: pink.

4. They want the walls painted a light blue color

5. Built in cabinets with two window seats.

6. A Chandelier

7. I would like to stencil a wall, but they haven't approved it yet!

8. Ruffles and girly touches.

9. Organizational ideas

10. Personal Art

We'll keep you posted as we start this project. Step one is selling their furniture and then we need to paint. The floor is still up for debate. The girls and I are voting for hardwood, but Tony didn't seem as excited. Can you think of anything we missed?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Subway Art Dresser....

Before Christmas I found this dresser at a local thrift store. It has been sitting in the shop patiently waiting to be painted. It had lots of company in the shop, a farm house table, a few chairs, an end table and a desk. The problem is somewhere around Christmas time I lost my motivation. Can't tell you where it went, but it was gone! Then this past weekend we had a beautiful sunny day in the 60's! This is very odd for central Pa, we should have snow on the ground. I don't mind that we don't have snow, I am actually quite happy to not have snow! On this beautiful sunny day my motivation returned! Thank goodness! Nothing like a little sunshine to rejuvenate the soul....and bring some inspiration!!

 Here she is waiting for someone to bring her back to life!!

I am using the same technique I used on the frames that my dad and I made. You can read all about it, here!
I painting two coats of white paint on the front of the dresser.
 Using the cricut machine I cut out my letters and applied them to the dresser. After applying the letters I painted the dresser with two coats of black paint.

When the paint was dry, I used tweezers and removed the contact paper letters. This revealed the white paint. I glazed the front and the top of the dresser to give the letters an aged look and not a crisp white.

I know one should not become attached to a piece of furniture,
but it might be hard to take this piece to the booth on Saturday.
I am really enjoying it in the den.
Hopefully she'll find a good home.

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Wow Us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style
Fridays Unfolded at Stuff and Nonsense
Saturday Link and Greet at Country Momma Cooks

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crab and Cod Au Gratin

Every once and awhile Tony will try a new recipe out on us. We don't mind being his guinea pigs! The kids are probably Tony's most honest critics....they have helped him tweak many recipes over the years! This one didn't need any tweaking!

(4) 4oz cod fillets
1/2 lb jumbo lump crab
1/4 cup Seasoned Bread Crumbs
1 Tablespoon Parmesan Cheese
Juice from one lemon
2 Tablespoons melted butter
salt and pepper to taste

Step 1:
Spray a sheet tray with cooking spray. Place cod on sheet tray and top with jumbo lump crab meat. Lightly dust with seasoned bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of melted butter and the juice of one lemon over top of bread crumbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2:
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes or until center of cod reaches 140 degrees.

Step 3:

This recipe is a keeper...passed the hardest taste test...3 kids :)

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year...

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?

We started our evening with bowling....
 Thanks to my brother's planning,
bowling has become a family tradition....
 We rent two lanes now...
one for the kids and
one for the adults!
A great way to start the evening....

The kids wanted to try something new this year....
 We headed downtown to listen to two bands play...

Watch the Hershey Kiss raise at Midnight...

and end the evening with an amazing firework display...

We feel very blessed for a 
wonderful year in 2011...
and excited to move
forward to 2012!!

Happy New Year's!!
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