Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We are excited to re-open the booth at the Olde Factory. November 1st is the official day. That would be yesterday...but we plan to move in this weekend! Excitement is an understatement! For Tony and I, letting go of the booth last year opened our eyes to realize how much we really loved it. Last weekend, when Tsh talked about living in your element (the place where your skills and passion collide) I got it! It feels good to be back!

This table and chairs have become a favorite of mine. I was trying to figure our where they might fit in the house, but Tony reminded me that was not the purpose of them! Stephanie was with me when I purchased them...can you believe how they turned out?

The chairs started out black and had a padded seat.
What a wonderful surprise under the padding.
In perfect condition....

The only before picture of the table is of it upside down in the garage.
Can you see its legs?

After some sanding and paint....
Table: Sherwin and Williams special mix white blend
(originally mixed by our builder for the house trim)
Chairs: Valspar Metropolis
Table and Chairs will be available at The Olde Factory
on November 5th.


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Congrats to you and Tony...I wish you a fun filled successful journey ahead. Cute cute table and chairs.

stephanie said...

WOW!!! Wendy, they look fantastic! Hard to believe that is the same chair. I knew when you picked them out you would do something fabulous with them! I'll be stopping by the both soon!

Paula said...

Good luck with your booth! I know you're going to have fun with it and hopefully make oodles of money.

Jane Doe said...

Can't wait to check out your new space!

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