Monday, October 31, 2011


This morning I am spending time being reflective. Relevant is over and I sit sipping my coffee and sorting through the most beautiful business cards of some new and old blogging friends.

Putting my thoughts into words has never been easy. It is all there in my heart and my mind, but is difficult to put pen to paper.  This weekend my prayers were to listen for what God was whispering in my ear and placing on my heart. I am still processing the words I heard spoken.

On Saturday, my time at Relevant was cut short due to a snow storm. This is very odd for Pa to receive snow in October. I was sad to leave, but I knew my place was at home. This meant I would miss one of my favorite speakers, Ann VosKamp. Thank goodness Michelle at Some Girl's Website shared an overview of Ann's speech.

Since it is October, many leaves are still on the trees. Snow + leaves = breakage. We lost many branches and no power or water for over 24 hours. Many great lessons were learned this weekend...mostly how lucky we are to live in a country with heat and running water!

Last night we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset.
There is always a new beginning!
Have a great beginning of a new week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Re-energizing the soul....

Tomorrow is the first day of The Relevant Conference!
I am so excited to meet some old and new friends!

Looking forward to spending the weekend in fellowship with
a group of wonderful bloggers!

Last year I came home from Relevant a different person.

 A person with a renewed and energized soul!

Have a great weekend...I'll see you next week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A project or two....

Have you ever been buried in projects?
Sometimes I wonder what it must feel like to have no projects...would that be called contentment?

I don't think there is such a thing as no projects with a home built in 1900, but isn't that why we bought an old home...because we love don't need to answer that :)

Last week I swore up and down our first floor was sinking, falling, collapsing...maybe I am over exaggerating. I moved the couch and felt the floor was slopped. I even had Tony buying into the idea. We traveled to Lowe's to price metal posts....thanks to DAD for bringing us back down to earth....a calming force. Happy to report we are not collapsing.

Each of the below projects deserve their own post, but for now here is a snippet of what is going on....

Suet Cakes:
Tony makes the cakes out of peanut butter and cornmeal for the birds. They love them.

The Garage:
Tony and my dad started to work on the back of the garage. It use to be the stable, which housed a horse named Ginger. No horses for us. We hope to use it as a recreational room. Instead of traditional siding, we are going to side it with a vinyl board and batten. 

After opening up the wall, we decided long term we need to add windows or french doors to this back wall.

The Booth:
We are working extra hard to get ready for November 1st, when we open RelativelyUnique2 at the Olde Factory.

 I started working on these chairs. They will not be black and they will have new fabric. I think Blue wanted to make sure you didn't forget about him...or he likes to get his picture taken...or both!

I told Sarah we could make her a costume out of a blue homecoming dress we got for $5.00 at the Thrift Shop. It is still a work in progress....I have until the 31st to is good to have deadlines. 

The kids used the Cricut to decorate the white plates in their bathroom. They had total say in the design.
Their deal....I think they did pretty good!
And this is the only completed project in this post!

Family Room Curtains:
This curtain rod fell down...maybe a month or two ago. It's falling inspired us to paint the family room. I know, how can that cause inspiration...who knows...I think there might be something wrong with us. The room is painted but no curtains....until tonight!!!
We don't believe in you?

And since Tony is going to kill me for posting the above picture....
I'll share a photo he took last week...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guess who is one....

Blue is one years old....
I guess that makes him seven in people years.
(so I have been told)

Right now it feels more like we are living the teenage years!
Looking forward to the mature and responsible adult years.
We do love your spirit, Blue!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wipe Board...

Miss Sarah loves to play teacher and she proclaimed she needed a wipe board for her students (that would be her American Girl dolls.) If she didn't have a wipe board she wouldn't be able to complete her lessons. I really didn't want to hang a white wipe board in her room, but I also didn't want to let her students (or Miss Sarah) down.

Then I found this idea on Pinterest. We headed to the thrift store to see if we could make it work.

Sarah found the perfect picture (size) at the thrift store and then we headed to Hobby Lobby for a yard of fabric.

Miss Sarah got to work removing the paper backing.

We removed the picture and placed the fabric, face down, on the glass. I was being lazy and didn't want to measure.

We added the picture back, placing the picture facing out, because the matting would have affected the fabric. The back of the picture provided a flat surface against the fabric. Does that make sense?

Then I trimmed the fabric, leaving two inches of fabric to fold over the picture.

Using double sided tape we taped the four corners first.

Then we taped the sides.

I stapled the mat to the frame, to help keep it secure. I plan to add paper backing to the back of the frame, but can't seem to find the roll of paper. Does this happen to you? I am sure I put it somewhere for safe keeping, maybe too safe!

Next we moved the hardware.

Ta da....Miss Sarah's newest wipe board. Now I am thinking we need a smaller version for the kitchen!

I am so happy Sarah needed this for her students!
Hope her students love it as much as we do!
Also excited we actually completed a project
I pinned on Pinterest!

Joining these fun parties:
Stuff and Nonsense for Friday's Unfolded

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little tour....

Did you ever make a only realize you should not have?

What did you do?
(pictures from a booth at The Olde Factory)

In June I decided to close my booth at The Olde August I realized I missed it. I put my name back on the waiting list and prayed I was making the right choices. Opportunities have opened over the past few months and I am happy to say the booth will re-open in November!

I took my camera along with me last weekend to The Olde Factory. Two of my family members have a booth and I wanted to share them with you! Sorry for picture over load, but it was hard to pick just a few....hope you enjoy!

First is my cousin, Julie....her booth is located on the third floor (for those of you who are local)!  Julie uses some amazing quotes for her signs. All her signs are hand painted.

Next is my Grandmother Audrey, located on the first floor. You have toured her booth with me before. Today she told me she is decorating for Christmas. Isn't so hard to believe Christmas is around the corner? Here is how it looked last weekend....


The next two weeks are going to get busy here...
a good busy!!! 

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