Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Through rose tinted glasses....

Have you ever done this? Looked at something and only saw beauty. Tony and I are thinking this is what we did when we moved last year. A few months ago I ordered the before photo's of the Pond House to put in a photo album. The pictures arrived in the mail and we sat at the kitchen table to anxiously look at our beautiful home. (insert laughing) When we looked at the pictures we saw what I think everyone else saw....a house that needed work....lots of work...and weeds...lots of weeds. You have to understand, when we looked at the house, we only saw beauty. I now understand why my mom repeatedly asked me why I am leaving a new finished home. Tony's dad did not talk to us for awhile because he was so upset with us. Then there was moving day....if I only would have caught the look on our friends faces as they helped us move in. Going from new to old is a big adjustment....one we would not change! Like two young kids we put our rose tinted glasses on and moved forward!

Here we are one year ago on moving day (September 9, 2010)....

 Notice the weeds. I know, humor me...how can you not notice the weeds! If you put on our rose tinted glasses you can see the beautiful flowers.

These pictures are making you feel pretty good about your house...right! Sometimes I have to go back and look at these pictures to remind me how far we have come!

The first project was to paint the outside doors black, of course after cutting down the weeds. My ultimate goal is a new door, but you know the budget thing gets in the way (that darn budget).

Next we (of course used very loosely) tackled the flower beds around the house.

Shutters were added to the front and the left side of the house. Hopefully this fall we will add shutters to the right side of the house...

After the shutters were in place we could add window boxes. We had window boxes in our first home and I am so happy to have them again!

We removed the wooden railing by the side door. Can we believe we actually debated this one? This picture doesn't show it, but we painted the foundation beige to match the siding.

Here we are today...

Still on the outside of the house to do list:
shutters to right side of house
paint chimney
new front porch railings
picket fence to the left side of the house
new front door
new outdoor lights

Thank you for wearing your rose tinted glasses for us.
Have you ever had a vision that no one else could see?

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Felicity said...

I believe it's called having 'vision' and not all of us are gifted with it.

You, my dear are not only in possession of this gift but also the capacity to make your dreams become reality.

Thank you for sharing the results with all of us who wished they could see what you do in the run down and less-than-loved.

xx Felicity

Christine said...

All I can say is, WOW!
Your vision with rose tinted glasses worked.
It's like that show on HGTV, Curb Appeal. Now you have the best house for several blocks.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Y'all have already made it look so well loved instead of abandoned. All the rest if just the fluff. Thanks for joining the party!

corners of my life said...

Thank goodness for rose-tinted glasses. They brought you such a blessing.

Midcenturymadam said...

Oh yes, every place we've ever bought, our friends and relatives just shook their heads. It wasn't until later that they truly appreciated our decision to buy.
Your home looks so inviting. I'm amazed at how much you've done in so little time. You and Tony have the touch.

Karen said...

Your house is beautiful, and I never had any doubt that it would be! I am so happy for you and your little "peace" of the country!

stephanie said...

You have wonderful vision Wendy!! Keep those rose-tinted glasses on forever!! Too many people can't/won't look at life that way! It's a blessing girlfriend!! You have done a wonderful job with the house!!

Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

You had such a clear vision of the hidden beauty in your home. Looks wonderful.

Kelly said...

What an amazing transformation! I love the window boxes. I wish I had one under my bedroom window. Maybe one day. I know it must've take alot of courage to buy a fixer upper, but you've done a great job.

Paula said...

Wow! Your improvements are amazing! Things are looking great around your place!

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