Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Window Boxes....

This weekend we were excited to find a farm which sells beautiful mums.....

 And fresh brown eggs.....

After buying the mums we went to the local grocery store for white pumpkins.....
My original plan was to recreate the inspirational photo of the window boxes with the white pumpkins. The problem arose when we felt how heavy white pumpkins are.  I was worried the window boxes might become too heavy. So, I decided to improvise.

In a week or two the mums will fill the boxes in beautifully.  When planting the window boxes I become impatient....I want instant boxes filled with blooms. Tony is always saying....think long term...they will grow!
I am thinking of adding a few little pumpkins to the ends of the boxes....any thoughts?

Happy Autumn!!

Have you tackled any fall decorating?


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I love your deep red mums- reminds me that I still have to pick up some for my house.

I think some little white pumpkins in your window boxes would look very cute. We must think alike because I just picked some up today. I'm going to try to get my act together this week and do some fall decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!

sissie said...

I love window boxes and yours looks wonderful. I wish I had one just like yours.


Stuff and Nonsense said...

your house looks so lovely and fallish

adore all the mums
in their autumn glory

haven't done a thing to my porches
not even
taken down the american flags



Paula said...

I adore mums! The ones that you picked for your home look spectacular!

The only fall thing that I accomplished was switching out summer annuals in some of my containers to pansies. I was happy to get that done!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love your fall decor. The mums in the galvanized pails is awesome. I need to go get a couple of mums. I did buy some abnormal colored pumpkins and gourds today. Put together the basket on my front door and that is it so far.

Christine said...

Your neighbors must just love you!
Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal!

Jane Doe said...

Everything looks great! I haven't started any fall decorating yet, but seeing all of your beautiful flowers makes me want to!

Melissa Miller said...

Wendy I just LOVE mums! Another one of my favorite fall things. Your porch and lanterns look gorgeous.

annie said...

I love fall planting, but it's just not the same here in California. I love your galvanized buckets with lanterns on the steps.

And only $2 for a dozen free range eggs...I would love to have a scramble made with those eggs!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love it! I need to get mums ASAP! And that first photo is gorgeous!

Made In The South said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.
The mums are not out here yet, but can not wait to get some. I love the way you have the lanterns up the steps. My sister has some, but I never bought any. I really like that look. I guess next time Hobby Lobby has them on sale I will have to get a few for my porch.
That is so cute how they sell their yard eggs.
Have a fabulous week,

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Beautiful mums and window boxes. I am ready for a little fall decor myself. Love the white pumpkins. I may give some of those a try this year. I have got to get busy. Jackie

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