Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drying Zinnia's....

My friend, Beth, asked how I dry zinnia flowers for the seeds. I was thinking maybe you were wondering the same question and thought I would answer for everyone to read. (please note I am not a professional gardener...I was taught by two generations of green thumb gardeners!)

This is my drying station (yes, it is the, I haven't finished the curtains yet)

Step one:
I cut zinnia's and place them in a vase with water to be enjoyed by everyone! Currently there is a vase in the mudroom, kitchen, and den. I allow them to dry right in the vase. The bloom at the top of the photo is ready for step two.

Step two:
Once they are almost dry (see above photo) I cut the bloom off and place in the drying station. The drying station consists of  my new addiction to square cake plates or a paper plate.

Step two (continued):
I allow the blooms to dry on the plate for 3-4 weeks before packaging them as gifts. They do need to be in a dry place...too much humidity wouldn't be good for them.

I have started to dry the hydrangea's, too. I dry them the same way.

Step three:
Package them for gifts!

Tonight I was visiting my mom and she has started to dry her sunflowers and follows the same process. Our sunflowers didn't grow this year or the deer ate them! Going to try again next year. I love the look of the large sunflowers!

Do you have any favorite dry flowers?


Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Thanks, Wendy, I'll give it a try!

corners of my life said...

What a fun gift to give.

I am curious about the theorem paintings on your shelf. Did you paint those I took a painting class many years ago and painted several.

Jenny said...

I love how you packaged them to gift! Such a sweet thing to do. Hope you are well, Wendy!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is such a cool gift and way to do it! It even looks pretty in the process. I have to have zinnias first, but next year, I really wanna try this.

And your hydrangeas? Love them. You can plant them from the dried flowers? How did I never know that?

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I have some coneflowers, that I think I can save the seeds from, and plan to plant them next year. They are beautiful, and perenials. Jackie

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