Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Traditions.....

Do you have any vacation traditions? We did not realize how many traditions we had until we started to talk about what the plans were while we were at the beach. The kids started to tell us what they do not want to miss. Some of the traditions are simple, like stopping at the Wawa half way to the beach. Some of the traditions take a lot of effort, like trying to get the perfect X-mas card picture!
The Cape May Lighthouse is a tradition. We climb the stairs to the top and then look in amazement at how high we are and how small the houses look. This year Lil Tony barely made it. He held on for dear life, thinking he was going to fall.

This year on our way to the lighthouse we stopped at the cutest roadside stand. Homemade bread and fresh cut flowers! Wouldn't this be cute at The Pond House?

It would not be a trip to the beach without eating at the Lobster House. We sit on the deck and watch the ships pull in. The food is delicious.

Searching for Cape May diamonds on Sunset Beach. This was on the top of the kids list of traditions!

When we are driving to the beach we keep track of license plates and count the different states we see. When we visit the Marina we do the same with the boats. We counted 7 different states this year. The farthest boat was from Florida. (Note, the 1280 lbs swordfish...caught by a girl!)

Thank goodness it does not cost us $800 to fill up the car!

Cape May Zoo. We were thinking of skipping the zoo this year but the kids could not think of missing out on the zoo. Sarah loved the chickens! Did I ever tell you the story about the aligator found in our pond?
Thanks to the trip to the zoo, we needed to have the "birds and the bee's" conversation.

This year we started a new tradition of crabbing. The kids loved it! They caught 15 crabs on the first morning of crabbing. What a great learning experience for the kids. They needed to learn about when the tide goes in and out. Every morning we would receive an update on what time the tide will be in!

And trying to get the perfect picture for the Christmas card!

What are some of your family traditions? Which tradition do you wish you could change?
Is there one tradition you would not want to change?

Tony wanted me to add the tradition of who can annoy each other the most during the car ride!
I am sure none of you have this tradition (or problem)!


Wendy said...

Hello Wendy,

We don't have many vacation traditions in our family..... but yours look like a lot of fun, and well worth keeping as traditions. I think the reason we don't is that we mostly take vacations to visit family or go camping. I guess you could say that camping is our tradition.
Wonderful times!
Have a great weekend!

Midcenturymadam said...

I think you found your Christmas card photo. The last photo is perfect. Sounds like the perfect vacation too.
S'mores around the campfire is probably on everyone's camping tradition list. They taste so much better under a starry night.

Christine said...

Dinging, dinging, dinging!
You have a winner! Perfect Christmas card picture.

Great traditions, some old and some new.

Linda said...

What beautiful children! This looks like a perfect family vacation...full of wonderful memories! Thanks for stopping by, Wendy, and for your nice comment about my entryway project!

charlesalvarez23 said...

Cool post! I love it. You did a great job. I am looking forward on your next post. Thank you.

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Stuff and Nonsense said...

so many lovely photos and fun memories...our children have become little dictators when it comes to sticking to traditions...but then...their dad and i are too!


Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

We also searched for Cape May diamonds and climbed the lighthouse this week, but it was our first time! We have lots of beach traditions, I don't think I could name them all, but you may have given me a blog post subject!

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