Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Reading.... you hear that? It is the sound of is peaceful to my ears! Actually the birds are chirping and the frogs are singing....beautiful. It has been awhile since I have had the opportunity to do a "weekend reading" post. Now, there is a list of house hold chores that need to be done but I have decided to procrastinate....

Before I started my weekend reading I stared at this photo for awhile...I took this photo (with my phone) during my travels a few weeks ago.  The garage is stone and reminds me of our garage and I am in love with the stone wall and flower beds. So here I sit, outside, looking at the photo and then looking at our garage....and dreaming of planting more flowers. I wish I could sneak a peek over that you think it is more gardens or a patio?

Miss Sarah is sitting beside me with her orange juice (she's too little for coffee) and lap top in hand. She is researching chickens. We told her as soon as the garage is finished we will add a chicken coup and chickens. She found this photo and I am loving the idea of a red chicken coup to look like a barn.  Melissa it looks like I might be emailing you soon for some help with buying chickens!

Thank goodness I read Pamela's post next about a cup of OCD! Maybe that is what Miss Sarah and I are drinking this morning! It is so good to know you are not alone in this world. Wait until you see how beautiful her new wood floors are....

Tony and I have not had the chance to entertain this summer like we use to. So instead I have been enjoying reading about party ideas.  The Party Dress has so many great entertaining ideas.  My favorite is the baseball theme party...or maybe it is the sunflower party....we would love to do an outside "drive in" movie party in the fall. How about you? Have you planned any themed parties this summer?

Gus and Lula....I know I have shared them with you before. I love their story. You know adoption is near and dear to my heart. It is such a special story and a precious gift from God......I am very very very happy for them!

This morning I ended my reading with Laurie Anna naming their new you didn't think I would tell you the name, did you? Go say hi....and tour their new farmhouse....beautiful! 

Well friends, I guess I must clean and feed the kids breakfast!
Happy Weekend....
and stay cool!!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wendy, I love that garage and the gardens out by it. You should be able to create the same look by yours. Have a great weekend.

~marci said...

You have such a beautiful property~ I vote more flowers! Also, I have a few friends who raise chickens if you are looking to get some or find out more about what you need to raise them. Have fun!

Marsha said...

Love your beautiful flower garden. I need one of those at my house. Yes, I did a summer theme party in late May to honor my daughter's teachers this past year. I did a beach theme. Did a post on it too. I love a theme party!!

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