Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little or Big.....

Do you keep a flower journal?

How do you remember what flower was what color?

Do you plant from seeds?

Are you amazed when those little seeds grow into beautiful plants?

How many beautiful shades of green do you think there are?

Did you know a bag of Ivory soap keep the deer away....
at least from eating your plants and
apple trees?

Are you speechless when you see mother nature at its best?

Who would have thought two buck would grace our yard...

Don't you love when you have the time to slow down
and enjoy the little things in life....
or are they really the big things?


Christine said...

2.I don't - just love the surprise
5. 25,257
6. ?...let us know if it does work
7. speechless is just how I feel
8. ~sigh~ ahhhh yes

Made In The South said...

Your yard is just beautiful. I can not get over the deer just walking around like that.
I need to keep a journal, but have not started one yet.

dee dee said...

I just love this post!
We will have to try the soap trick next year! We had a matching Buck in our yard this week too!
Ahhhhhhh beautiful
Dee Dee

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