Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flower surprises.....

Since this is our first summer at the Pond House,
we are having fun watching the flowers bloom.
It is a surprise each time a new blossom opens.

There must be at least 12 different Day Lilies.
Maybe next year I will try to look up
their offical names....

The Lilies need divided...
we will tackle this next spring.
It will be easier to divide them,
since we know the colors of the Lilies.
Now we can plant them in certain flower beds
and share them with friends.

I am loving the color of  the deep wine and peach day lily.
 I wish the blooms lasted more then a day.

There is an over abundance of Tiger Lilies...
(which is a good thing)

Next year we plan to move some of the tiger lilies to the front of the fence.
Our neighbors have tiger lilies lining the front of their property...
We think it will look pretty to have them on both sides of the road.

There is one more day lily waiting to bloom.
The stems are as tall as us...
so we are thinking it might be a tiger lily?

It is so much fun finding these surprises in
the flower gardens!

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Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Beautiful! I just love a whole "wall" of lilies. I have day lilies all along the back of my house.

Teagarden said...

Wonderful flowers and a great mosaic. Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

What beautiful lillies you have! It's wonderful that you have such a variety of color. I have a few inside my garden electric fence but had to dig out the rest because the deer around here make it impossible to grow them.

I love seeing your yard pictures. Keep them coming!

Paula said...

This link may help you to identify your daylilly. This nursery is near my mom and we love to visit it.

Christine said...

What a wonderful idea to share your Lillies with friends!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

very pretty! enjoy all of your surprises this summer (it's almost one year, isn't it?)

Ever Green Tree said...

Lilies have been my all time fav. Hv done several posts on the same. Must same your flower pic are gorgeous. Made my day.

dee dee said...

We are still enjoying the fruits of our land too! Your photos are beautiful!
Dee Dee

Made In The South said...

Sooo pretty!
It is fun to share, I divided my last spring and gave them out to a few friends.
How exciting to go out and see what different colors you have. Can't wait to see where you relocate them to next spring.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Your lilies with the ruffled edges are so pretty!

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