Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magazine organization.....

There is something about the feel of a book or a magazine in my hands. I love being able to flip the pages, write notes or tear out a favorite page in a magazine. Just like all good things, too much can become bad. Slowly these magazines and books start to take over the spaces of our home.
Today I divided my magazines in to catagories. The three catagories were "Mom", "Keep" and "Recycle." My mom has the same love for magazines and we trade magazines every month.  I think it's been awhile since I've handed her magazines back. Sorry, mom.

From the "keep" pile I tear out my favorite pictures and glue them in my red book. My red book is better then my favorite magazine...
It is a collection of all my favorite rooms, ideas, and landscapes. Writing along side the pictures helps me to remember what I loved about the picture when I tore it from the magazine. My red book has been around for at least 10yrs. It is fun to see how my decorating style has changed and how it hasn't changed.

Then I have my folder. It contains the pictures of the rooms I am working on, paint chips, and a list of items needed. This is my grab and go fits easily in my purse!

After walking around the house today, I realized we have books in every room. We all enjoy reading. Today I made sure they all found their way back to home.
Drawers are also a great option to store and organize my books and magazines. This drawer holds my favorite devotional books and Bibles.

Here is a look at my current morning reading.

One last picture...
In the family room, my favorite decorating books find their way on the little
stool beside the sofa.

How do you keep your magazines and books organized?

Hope you join me at Leslie's Purge Party!


Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

This is awesome!
I recycled that VERY BHG Christmas wreath magazine- was it just me or was that issue not very inspiring?
I love any book, though, with the word "Cottage" in the title! :)
I have the Power of a Praying Wife, and Stormie's Power of a Praying Parent book!
The Purge Party will be up at 12:01 AM on Monday!
I am excited that you will be there!
Squeal! ;D

Christine said...

Your "Red Book" is a great idea.
Just might have to borrow this concept.
Love it, love it!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I have these little stack here and about my house too. But what I was most excited about is the 'Red Book'... I also have a "Red Book"...mine is an old ledger I picked up at Bargainland- it was blank on the inside with lined pages...but I didn't care,cause I knew they'd be covered with yummie magazine pages and pictures, notes and bits and pieces.
I also, read Stormie's Power series books!

enjoyed a peek at your library and organization tips...

alison said...

it looks have more fortitude than i do...i can never seem to purge my books and magazines. i used to rip out favorite pages to store in my frippery file but now i just keep the whole magazines, stored by title and season...running out of room!


stuff and nonsense

dee dee said...

Great idea with your red book! What an easy way to store and view your inspiration ideas. I used to keep mine in the old sticky photo albums. When we were packing the house up to stage I was looking through my old ideas books and amazed at how much my taste have changed over the years! I will need to pick your brain for ideas of storing items in a smaller footprint!

Dee Dee

One Heart (Marcia) said...

I keep my books on a shelf and magazines in a basket. I also have a pretty quilted tote for my Bible and devotionals.

I abolutely love the idea of the red book. If you visit my page you'll see why. ;)

Ýou've definitely inspired me to go through my magazines today. I don't have too many but I'm sure liking the idea of starting that red book. Glad you joined the Purge Party.

Have a wonderful day. Oh, and we have similar books. Love Stormie's books too.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your magazine holder looks kind of like mine, Wendy! I am trying to be better about going through it monthly though and do similar - a few may go to my Mom, some I do keep and others hit the recycling. I am bad about putting new books on the shelf when I'm done with them and, in fact, have a few that I keep seeing when I walk by. I keep thinking I should put them on the shelf, just haven't done it yet! : ) I'm hoping to link up next week with my purge spots.

Tara Beaulieu said...

I need to figure out a way to organize my magazines. I just shuffle stacks around the house- which isn't very productive. I like your red book idea- and your folder too. I currently have scraps from magazines as well as paint chips stuffed into a corner of my desk calendar and it's not working!

Visiting today from the Purge Party at Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!

Allison@Quaint Oaks said...

Love your red book! I have a light purple book, haha. I love adding to it each month when I am done with my magazines. It's different for cooking magazines, though. Those I can't seem to tear or recycle. As they pile up, I really need to think of a better system.

Mary Ellen said...

What a great job you did on organizing your magazines! I have a huge pile of mine and my DH in the bathroom! Yup that's the library of choice!
They so need to get a sorting through though!!

I am going to have to see about the Omartian book- Praying Thru the Bible- that looks great!

bee blessed

Suzanne said...

I go through phases of keeping then getting rid of and I seriously need to get rid these days. This got me a little motivated thanks.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I really don't keep magazines. I don't re-read them anyhow, so I just tear out the pages I like and eventually put them into a binder to organize. I'm also a book purger. I only have a few books that I have on a shelf and the rest get read and passed on or donated.

It's one of the only things that I'm not sentimental about. =)

Atelier de Charo said...

What a great idea "The Red Book"


Rene said...

Man, I need to have my own private purge party! The magazine problem at our house is pretty embarrassing. Wendy, it looks like we read the same things, only I can't throw mine away :)

corners of my life said...

Sounds like you are getting a jump on "spring cleaning". A perfect time of year to organize. I keep a fairly large pile of magazines next to my favorite chair - my husbands calls it my nest

Pine Tree Home said...

I really need to go through my magazines too and organize. Like your tips.

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