Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wrapping it up...

We've been a bit lazy here at Relatively Unique....

Lazy, might not be the right word....we are slowing it down a bit.  Relaxing, staying in our P.J.'s a little bit longer, playing games, going for walks and having fun not having a schedule to the day!

Yesterday, I decided to start reclaiming the family room. Decorating for Christmas is fun, but I must say I enjoy taking it down too. It is a time for me to rearrange and play with the furniture. I have always enjoyed moving my furniture around and hoping to find some new arrangement. Do you do this?

Before Xmas gets to far behind us and all the tinsel is taken down, I wanted to recap a little bit of Xmas.  Our kids enjoying reading our family posts.....I love how the blog has become an online photo album for them!  I would love to make last years posts into a book, has anyone done this? Any advice?

They are patiently waiting on the couch for their presents. My parents use to work in slow motion on Christmas morning and it drove my brother and I crazy. We've decided to carry on that tradition!

After all the gifts were opened the dogs claimed their corners! I guess gift opening exhausted them.
Aww....to have a dogs life.

Grandmom cooks a 5pm dinner on Christmas day. I love that we eat a late dinner. It means we can spend most of the day in our PJ.s and play with our new toys.

Opening gifts with our cousins.

Our annual picture on the steps.
If you noticed Miss Sarah is missing from our annual picture this year.
She missed out on the festivities at Grandmom and P-pa's this year. Poor Sarah had the flu on Christmas day. Thank goodness it was a 24 hour bug and she is back to her normal energetic self. 

This is our neighbors Christmas lights. There house is about 500 yards from our home, but from across the field at night it looks as if the boat is sitting by the pond.  We still have 2 family Xmas parties to attend this week and one birthday party. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing week and your Christmas was all you hoped and wished for!


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Neat shot Wendy. We have been very lazy here at the Manno house too. Feels good though right? Glad you enjoyed your Christmas. Happy New Year.

dee dee said...

It looks like everyone (including the pups) made the most of Christmas. I'm so sorry that Sarah was down with the flu, esp on Christmas. I glad she is feeling better and is back to her self!
I love the lights on the house across the street..how fun! Happy New Year my friend!
Dee Dee

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Wendy, If you want to put your blog into book form go to http://www.blurb.com I have made about 7 books through them from my blog and this year for Christmas I took each of my sons special vacation pictures and made a picture book for them here. It was a big hit.
I love your family pictures from your Christmas.

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