Sunday, October 3, 2010

Up Stairs Tour (Part 2)...

Wow! What a busy 3 weeks. Most of our accomplishments have been made to the outside of the house and the basement. There is so much work to be done on the outside that we haven't focused too much on the inside. While the weather is good we might as well get the outside work complete!  I am waiting to show some of the outside pictures....shutters and garage doors hopefully will be put on this week!

This is again the raw tour of the upstairs. These will become our before pictures of the house.  The previous owners did the major renovations of  the inside, it just need lots of nail holes filled in and the trim repainted.  I took these pictures during week 1, although too much hasn't changed since we are concentrating on the outside of the house.

Coming in the front door....

We have peeked under the carpet to see if we can remove it
and although the riser part is the beautiful original wood,
the step part is not :(
So carpet will remain, but desperately need replaced.

There are two built-in shelves in the upstairs hallway.
These were the windows for the original farm house.
There have been two additions added to the home
over the last 100 yrs. We have been working with the
historical society and hopefully will be able to obtain some
older pictures.  We would love to see what the house looked like
in the early 1900's.

One built-in is used for all the kids books and games.
The other shelf is for our family photo albums and
other books.

At  one end of the hall.

And the other end of the hall. The fan and box is waiting
patiently for someone to take it to Good Will.

Tony's Room
Tony has lucked out the most with his room.
Before the move I painted his shelves
and dresser black. Do you remember we
sold his small dresser and double bed on Craig's list?

The Lego table in the middle of his room, my dad made a few years ago.
Lego's were taking over our family room and his room. This has worked great!
It gives him a surface to build on and a place underneath to store all those Lego's!

In the other house Tony had a double bed. We sold that bed and bought him a twin bed from CSN store.
It has 3 drawers underneath! Love it. He uses it for more toy storage! My mom is working on larger pillows for the back of his bed. Lil Tony and I have something planned for the wall behind his bed. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with baseball.

Tony has two closet's! Lucky guy!
He doesn't get to keep both. Miss Sarah uses one of the closet's.
(The girly light will be taken down!)

Maddy and Miss Sarah's Room

I am happy to report it has been going very well. They have been "getting along" as sisters do and there isn't tape on the floor dividing the room yet! So, I would say they are doing good! Although the furniture is arranged so Maddie is on one side and Miss Sarah is on the other. Thank you to Leigh Anne for helping me figure the furniture arrangement in the girls room!! If I wouldn't have asked the guys one more time to move the furniture I just might have gotten hurt!
We couldn't order the same bedding as Maddie, but found a similar pattern in
pink. Miss Sarah was thrilled!! She loves pink.
How about that zebra rug!!
Orange....don't remember that in the color scheme?
The girls room was originally the boy's room and decorated in a Philadelphia
Flyer's theme. Little Tony loved this room, but it was the bigger room, so the
girls got the orange wall. We are contemplating what color to paint it.

Up Stairs Bathroom

Are you loving my paper shades?
18 paper shades for $7.00!

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom was the last addition added to the
Pond House. This addition was added in 2006.

I ordered the green and purple comforter from JC Penney's.
It is on back order until the middle of Oct. I am so excited for
it to arrive! Our current quilt has seen better days.
The mustard and ketchup chairs, as Tony calls them,
need slip covered! Anyone want to come over and help me sew?
Dreading that project.

Remember these are our before pictures,
we have some great plans for this room.
Now if only we could find a way to add more
time to our day and grow a money tree, all would
be good!

This shot was taken from our bedroom window!
Do you see her?
She is usually the first to come out of the woods
each night around 6:30pm.....
There she is....
now we are waiting for the other 4 to follow.

Thanks for stopping by! If you missed Part I tour you can read it here
and our weeding here.
Thank you to everyone who has cheered and supported us
as we followed this dream. Your support and words of
encouragement have meant so much!


Rene said...

I'll bet you are loving your new house. Looks like you have settled in already. Love those built-ins.

Debbie said...

What a charming gorgeous home. The rooms are pretty nice sized! Loving the girls comforters and zebra rug!

julie said...

hi wendy! wow! lots of work going on over there! i love your front door, the build-ins, and how the girls have different beds! looks like it shows their different personalities! we are working on a lego table too! hopefully there will be more legos on the table then the floor! ouch!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Yay! I love your new home. Everything looks great already. I'm totally impressed. I love the built-in shelves, so jealous of those babies. and, the bathrooms and bedrooms look like they are large! Love the idea of a chair in the bathroom. I think I need to try that.

Corners of My Life said...

I am tired after reading all your plans. I think that is why renavations are left to you youngsters. Good luck

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

It's looking beautiful! Can't wait to see more! how exciting! :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your cozy home is a loveliest little spot straight from heaven, Wendy.
It's all cozy and beautiful!
Have a happy Monday xx

Kim said...

I just love it Wendy! It is all so perfect. I don't think it needs a lot of work at all - how fortunate for yoU! If you find a money tree on your new property will you send me a branch? I have way too many irons on the fire right now....

Allie and Pattie said...

Wendy, I love, love, love it!!! What a wonderful house! I'm off to check out part 1- I'm so far behind! Surgery will be next week and I'll be playing catch up!
xoxo Pattie

Linda said...

Your house looks beautiful, Wendy! My favorite is the girls' room~ with the different color spreads and different style dressers, it is so charming! Looks like a happy house~ thanks for sharing with us!

dee dee said...

What a great layout of the upstairs! I love the way you have made each room perfect for the one or ones living it it! The girls room is coming right along, the pink and the black bedding is so bright ans seems to fit each of their sweet personalities! Your bedroom is nice and large, I must say I dig the mustard and ketchup chairs! I so excited that you all are adjusting to your new home. I pray that it is a good "dream" to wake up in every morning! I'm looking forward to seeing all you have done outside! Keep enjoying your nature and deer!
Dee Dee

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

I can see why you love it, Wendy.

And Maddie would love to come over and hunt for frogs anytime with Tony! (Maybe I'll sneak in a little visit for Herbie and Ginger while I'm at it!)

nannykim said...

What a nice home--you must be enjoying it!

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