Sunday, September 19, 2010

Outside tour....

This weekend with the help of my mom and dad we tackled some of the many flower beds. The flower beds have been left go for many years. We walked around the beds and tried to identify as many flowers as we could. There are weeds that have unbelievable root systems, stalks like tree trunks and some with beautiful flowers. When we finally got past the weeds, we were amazed at some of the findings. It felt very rewarding to bring a flower garden back to life.  The original farm house was built in 1900, wouldn't it be great to find photo's of the original flower beds? There are cone flowers that are taller than me. Amazing....

Mom and I stared tackling this flower bed around 9:30 Saturday morning and finished around 2 in the afternoon.
It took us a while to come up with a plan of action.
Once we got in there and past the bugs,
we were good to go!
Oh...just wait until you see what we found!

Here we are half way done.
Do you see there are actually 4 beds inside?
When we pulled the first few weeds,
we discovered the stepping stones.
We might have even done a happy dance
at that point.

Isn't that awesome!
We didn't add anything.
The stones, pebbles and stepping stones were
all preserved under the weeds and mint tea.
The mint tea had run wild!
Next spring we plan to make this
a cutting garden!

We are not chancing anything here at the Pond House.
What looks like a patch of weeds is actually a
hidden well! Yep, you read that right...a Well.
And the home of one frog. I don't think he appreciated
us messing up his humble abode.

The pond needs lots of love!
Which we are ready to give!
Tony has been reading up on the algae
and I have been tackling the weeds.
There was no where to stand close to the water,
so gloves on and off to work.

1/4 of the pond edge is weed free!
The kids now have a place to stand
to feed the fish, catch tad poles and go fishing!

Lil Tony was the first to catch a fish...
A cat fish to be exact!

Of course P-pa was called to the rescue to
get the hook out and put him (the fish) back in his home
with his friends.

While we were weeding,
Dad was hard at work on the garage!
The garage is missing a door (and a lot more).
Hopefully the door will be in this week
and the new garage doors will be here by next month!

Do you remember how sad I was to leave my hydrangea?
Well, you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered this
beauty! Look at all those blooms!
Can't wait till next spring to see what color they are.
Any guesses?

The last bed that mom and I worked on turned out to
be another beauty!
After cleaning out years of weeds we discovered a
a bird bath right in the center of the bed!
We moved the bird bath to the edge of the bed
and Tony added our bird feeder to the center!

One week down and only a million more projects
to tackle!  Exactly what we dreamed of!

Porch and Garden party at First a Dream!


Debbie said...

my son Jack would be in complete awwww of that place...oh and if he could catch another catfish or two...he would be in heaven. Great guys really worked hard.

Jen said...

Yesterday my daughter Courtney spent all day at her friend's who lives in a farmhouse-(in Hershey) they played outside all day and in the creek... your kids are going to have such fond memories of this house and their freinds are going to love coming and Tony are going to be the "cool parents" haha- you already are!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Isn't it fun discovering what is under the weeds. You sure did a lot this weekend. Looks great and what a nice pond that you can actually fish in.

Janet said...

I bet your arms are sore. I cleaned out our flower beds this spring and planted all kinds of flowers. It was my first attempt at landscaping and gardening. I din't find any pretty stepping stones or wells. How pretty your yard will be next spring. It looks so much better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Janet @ Cul-de-Sac Chic

Pat said...

What a wonderful post. How excitinng to find those treasures under the weeds. I can't wait to see it next year after some much needed TLC!

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Its so wonderful that you found all those hidden treasures. It looks great already, I can only imagine next Spring. I miss my Hydrangea bushes so bad. Ive thought of planting 1 or 2 here but dont know how long we will be here. I miss those big puffy blooms and I had such a variety of colors ( 1 had 6 huge bushes on the side of the house) I wish I had pics of them... Good luck in your new home and enjoy all the fun times to come.

Melissa said...

Wow!! What a wonderful place. I can't wait to see how it unfolds as you get to know it and fix it up more.

Denise said...

I loved this post! You really discovered some hidden treasures.

I hope you don't mind. I linked your post to my PORCH AND GARDEN PARTY at

Corners of My Life said...

You are off to an amazing start. What a wonderful adventure finding all those treasures.

dee dee said...

I am so super impressed! Your yard will be already is! It's great all the treasures you are finding with each tug of a weed!
Is your garage stone? How beautiful!
Make sure you get some rest in between all your work!
Dee Dee

Heaven's Walk - said...

THAT was alot of work for you all! But what a blessing to find those awesome gardens with all the unique treasures inside of them! How fun! Love that you have a pond on your property. There's nothing better than looking out and seeing water..... :) Happy MM!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh I LOVE the fence around the flower bed too! It is all going to be just gorgeous!! This Spring it will be like a surprise party and blooms start coming out of everywhere!

Love the first photo with the bee "in flight"

Looking GREAT!!

Lou Cinda :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the pond. And, the garden bed is amazing. What a difference! You have been working so hard.

Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

You always said you saw the potential ... you knew it was there! It's really lovely, Wendy. And so glad about your hydrangea bush. It's a wink from Mary.

Maureen said...

It's a lot of work but so worthwhile in the end. You've made so many fun discoveries!

P.S. It's hard to tell what kind of Hydrangea you have but the color can be tweaked to pink or blue by adding things like peat moss to the soil. You can find info all over the internet.

Kim said...

How wonderful to find so many natural treasures at Pond House. It's so fun reading about your journey Wendy!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Wow, Wendy! I just love the garden with the stepping stones! You must be tickled. Cooool picture with the bee flying away from the flower!

Kansas Amy said...

That looks like so much fun.. New discoveries every day!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely happy to find this. Good job!

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