Monday, September 6, 2010

A Final Tour...

This week one question has been asked a lot, " Are you going to miss your house?" Usually I respond quickly by saying, "no."  Yesterday a  good friend and I had a wonderful conversation about living in the past, present and/or future. Where do you live?  Past, Present,  or Future?

With some thought I decided I live in the present, but also dabble to the future. I guess that is where the dreamer in me comes into play. What we value the most about our current home are the memories we have made with our family and friends. Those memories will travel with us. No one can change our memories or take them away from us. Since the memories will travel with us, there is no need to feel sad about leaving our home. We will miss the convenience of having our friends a few steps away or a bike ride down the road, but they will remain our friends even when we move. Now we will need to hop in the car and drive to their home, just as we do for other friends that didn't live close by. Lastly, we are so excited about the new memories that are waiting for our family and friends in our new home. 

Last night I compiled some pictures into a digital scrapbook for us to take with us. So here is the final tour....

The outside has gone through many transformations.
Landscaping, new lighting, new garage door, and
changing the shutters from red to black.

7 years ago we added french doors to the front living room,
you'll be able to see the second set in the family room.
The foyer was painted by a friend.
The crown molding was added this year.

Tony escaped my plan to paint the cabinets!
This year we added crown molding, new appliances,
The tile floor was added 4 years ago.

You can see the tile floor better in this picture,
we had the contractor lay it in a pattern
using large and small tiles.
(okay, truth be told...I will miss this floor)

Oh my goodness, do you remember what this room looked
like last year! If you need a refresher you can look here.
7 years ago we added hardwood floors to the entire first floor,
except for the tile in the kitchen.
I love our hardwood floors!

The family room as seen some small changes over the years.
There was a solid wall between the family room and
living room. How simple would it be to open up the wall and
add french doors. Ha Ha! It was pretty simple until we found
the plumbing to the master bath ran right in the middle of the wall!
Since the wall  was open we keep moving forward and moved the
plumbing to add the french doors. This was my favorite
change we made to the house in the last 10 years.
It allows so much sun light to the back of the house.
Why is it that the master bedroom is the last room I tackle when
decorating? If we didn't move this room was next on the "to do list."
Needs crown molding, wood floors and new bedding.

Maddie's room.

Sarah's room. You can read here and here about
how we are merging these two rooms together.

Remember when Sarah posted about her
Barbie house? My dad made the house for the girls.

The kids bath. This room has been blue, lime green
and when we put it on the market we changed
it to a neutral color scheme.

The basement. This has been a 10 yr project.
It took us forever to finish!

You can tour the outside here.
This little girl statue will be traveling with us.
Tony and I purchased her for our first home
17yrs ago! See memories do travel!

Can't dig up the hydrangea bush and take it with
us. Although, it did cross my mind until I read the
contract and it said "no"! That's okay,
I have my wreath I made this year and
will hang it proudly in our new home.

Here is a  painting of our home from 8 years ago.
See the red shutters and red door!

We move on Thursday!
Here is what our house looks like today,
in real time! Oh my!
Proceed with CAUTION!
What a mess!!

We settle on Thursday,
but plan to have the house loaded and packed up
by Wednesday night!
Tony informed me this morning all the beds are coming
apart today! Oh...the joys of moving!
If all goes as planned and the cable is hooked up on Friday...
the cookie party will start on Thursday night
and we'll stop by on  Friday to say hi!



Kim said...

Such a lovely tour Wendy. You obviously have great taste which will continue in your new home. You are so right about the memories - they will be with you forever. I wish you luck in your move and can't wait to see your new place!!!

dee dee said...

Bundle those memories up, they are so wonderful!
Thank you for the tour of your old home, your love and attention truely made it yours! can't wait to read all about your new memories as they come our way!
Dee Dee

Pamela said...

Happy moving week! Hope all goes well!!

Debbie said...

Wendy you have a beautiful home, and I am sure very fond memories you will take with you. However, you are on a new journey and such an exciting one to share with us all. Have a great day. Debbie

Corners of My Life said...

Still blogging three days before you move?? You are Wonder Woman.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

What a gorgeous home but I am sure you'll make your next one just as beautiful. Good luck with the move.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Kansas Amy said...

Congrats on the new house, you will have many new memories to create!

Jennifer said...

Your home is so pretty!! I can't wait to see your new one!

Take care!

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

You have a beautiful home and Im sure the new one will be even more special. We learn things in previous homes that make the next better. I learned that after leaving my home of 8 years last year. I thought I would be there forever, but its in God's hands where my path will lead. God Bless, I wish you all the best happiness in your new home.

Adam and Wendy said...

Oh your house is so pretty! ((Love the kitchen!!))

Can't wait to see a tour of your new house when you get it decorated!!

And I will for sure link up this weekend!!! :) :) We actually finished the cookies right before midnight Sunday night, but by the time I typed up the recipe and uploaded the pictures, it was too late hahha. :)

Maria M. Boyer said...

A lovely post, Wendy. Best of luck this week. We will miss you, even if you are moving only one town over.

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Oh my goodness, Wendy, no one will mind if you take a one week hiatus from the cookie exchange, if you find you are too busy or your internet isn't hooked up! Good luck with your move! On to more house projects!

Rene said...

You are so right - new memories await. Good luck with your move and happy memories to you.


JEB said...

You can start hydrangea bushes by rooting them, so if you take a cutting from your current one it should root and may be ready for planting by fall. Jo

Karen said...

Ahhh.... the memories in that beautiful home. I am feeling a little nostalgic and it isn't even mine! We cannot WAIT to make new memories in your new home (and yard... and playroom... and garage... do you have a barn or a basement... how about an outhouse?) ;) Seriously though we are very happy to see your dream realized and glad that we get to be along for the ride!

Jen said...

good luck with the move wendy! can't wait to see pictures of the new home...

Jenn Erickson said...

What a beautiful home! The digital scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve the past and to be able to move on with excitement for the future! Best of luck in your move! To echo Jen's sentiment above, I can't wait to see the new pad!

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