Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An evening full of fun...

How do you spend your evening?
It seems like the kids get off the bus and
the evening is over before it began.
After homework is finished the kids grab the
fish food and head to the pond.

Do you see the blue tarp?
Sarah and I started weeding around the pond tonight.
This is going to take for ever,
and for the record and to even up any bets floating out there;
the first person to fall into the pond was.....

When we head out to feed the fish,
we stand still by the edge and wait for
them to come and line up.
We counted 4 large cat fish, lots of Sunny's and some
others that P-pa is going to have to identify for us.
This is currently the highlight of our evening.
After feeding the fish, we count the frogs....

Tony named this one, Johny. We counted 5 tonight, but
heard more jumping in when we walked by.

See this furry ball?
A better name is prickly ball.
Ouch...they hurt if you step on them.
What could be so precious inside that
it needs protected by such awful prickly things?

A chestnut!
This has been the second fun activity
of the evening.
They have collected over 200 hundred Chestnuts!

The tire swing has also been
a family favorite.

Remember being a kid
and thinking you could touch the

This next activity is going to lose its
fun very soon. I just know it!
We have no dishwasher.
We treat it just as my mom
did when I was growing up.
There is a washer, someone rinses and a drier.

At the moment they
argue over who has which job.
Hopefully the newness of this
doesn't wear off too fast.
There is not a dishwasher in our future
for quite awhile!

Hope your evening was full of fun and
great memories!


Natasha said...

Hi Wendy! I am sorry I haven't been by earlier but with the school term finishing tomorrow life has been rather hectic to say the least!

I am so glad that the move has been such a wonderful success. Your home is just beautiful and I love the way you have decorated. I also loved going on the virtual tour of your home and garden and I look forward to many more posts just like this one!

Blessings and best wishes always,

Wendy said...

Hello Wendy,
I have been following along as you have packed up and moved... I love your new place...and the yard is perfect for raising your children... and dishes... I'm sure they are good for the soul;)
Have a beautiful day,

Love the Decor! said...

i love this yard, the pond ,the swing all of it!!

Karen said...

I love seeing you enjoy your new space! I know my kids would never tire of the evening walks around the pond, and I keep hearing about all the fun on that tire swing! We are same old same old over here... but I did trade out my dead petunias and pot some mums. I was inspired by all of your progress!

Melissa said...

It looks like a delightful evening. Feeding fish (and/or turtles) is always fun.

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Hi Wendy, we have a tree outside that those big prickly balls were falling from. On our way down by the water one of the kids stepped on one and out popped a chestnut. So we gathered up as many as we can find and just like you we have them in a jar. Its in my fall decoration evening by the pond sounds wonderful. Congrats again!

Corners of My Life said...

I chucle at your 200 Chestnut collection. One fall my kindergarteners filled their pockets with them and before the day was done they also had little bugs crawling around in their pockets. Beware!

dee dee said...

How wonderful! My grandparents were just the opposite, they had a dishwasher... but never used it! I take that back... they used it to store things in!
I love chestnuts, can't wait to see all the fun ways you use them to decorate your wonderful new home!
dee Dee

Pamela said...

Wendy this is the part that I know would have sold me for sure on this house! My boys would be in heaven and I can just imagine all the memories ya'll are already making! Congrats!

Low Tide High Style said...

What a wonderful way to spend the evening, and I had no idea that chestnuts came in such prickly packages!! Where you live is just beautiful!

Kat :)

Debbie said...

Hi Wendy I sure hope my comment comes through this time.....I love your property, it is amazing. You are going to have the best family memories made there....starting with you falling in the pond first:)

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