Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drying Hydrangea's...

One of my favorite flowers is the Hydrangea.  It reminds me of summer days in Cape May, NJ. Every house seems to have a big beautiful Hydrangea blooming along a picket fence. How I'll miss our hydrangea bush when we move.

Then I got the idea to dry the blooms and
make a wreath to remember our home.
I tried first to cut the flowers off and dry them inside,
but they shriveled up and looked kind of ugly.

Then Tony thought if we hung them up side down
to dry them it would work better.
Nope...bad idea...this time the blooms got tiny and brown.

Have you ever seen the hydrangea's Shellagh has dried?
Desperate times call for desperate I
sent an email to Ticking and Toile and Shellagh gave the best advice!
Let mother nature do the work!
Allow them to dry right on the bush....
guess what?

They dried perfect!
I have 16 flowers collected and
there are more on the bush being dried to
perfection by Mother nature!
Thanks Shellagh, it was the best advice!!


Allie and Pattie said...

Oh I LOVE dried hydrangeas. Up in NY I did dry them hanging upside down (on a hook in my kitchen!) but on the bush always works best. Are you getting excited?? You're in my thoughts
xoxo Pattie

Betty said...

This is our first year having hydrangeas and I was wanting to try drying them. I am so happy to see your post and learn to leave them on the bush. Thank You!!

dee dee said...

Oh how pretty! I'll have to pass this tip on to my mom!
Dee Dee

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love hydrangeas and I have one pitiful bush that won't bloom. Yours look great.

Donna said...

I love hydrangeas too, and have had mixed luck drying (and growing!) them. Thanks for the great tip! They look gorgeous in your milk glass vase :)

alissa said...

Wendy - You are right - we must be thinking the same today! Someone once gave my Mom & I this technique for drying once cut. First you remove all the leaves, and then you place them in a vase with only an inch or so of water. Just let them drink all the water and then leave then alone in the vase without water until they are dry. I haven't tried this for a very long time but I think it works! Can't wait to see your finished wreath - I'm sure it will be just gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

I should have linked to your post my friend! Thanks for visiting me and the tips. My flowers however wilted on the bush and did not dry one bit. Maybe they are just too young! :(

I'll will again!


Nancy's Notes said...

Windy, I am so happy I found your blog via my dear friend at White Spray Paint! Love your hydrangeas! They don't seem to like me, or rather, I don't have a green thumb!


Debbie said...

Gorgeous..those are my favorite too...also I read your other post about some of your blog reading, I have to check out a few new ones. Have a great weekend. Debbie

daniela rota nodari said...

hi Wendy,
I LOVE hidrangeas!!


Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a great tip! I would have thought picking them and letting them dry inside would work. This is my first year having a hydrangea bush so I will just plan to leave the blossoms on until they dry up. Can't wait to see the wreath you make out of the beautiful blooms!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I was just looking at my hydrangea thinking it would be nice to dry them. Glad I found you and this post.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love these. I wish I could grow them. They don't care to bloom in my yard. Those flowers are fussy, aren't they?

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