Sunday, July 11, 2010

A tour of homes

A few weeks ago my mom, Maddie and I toured a beautiful home in the Parade of Homes tour. Maddie and I took our camera's only to find out NO pictures were allowed inside of the home.  Aww...

I took a few pictures of the outside for you. The front door and garage doors were fabulous.

The following week we went on a garden tour. This tour allowed us to see the garden and the first floor of each home. We didn't take our camera's because we assumed we wouldn't be able to take pictures. When we got there every one was taking pictures and the home owners were thrilled to share their gardens. My phone had to pinch hit for us. Next year we will not leave our camera's at home.

We toured four homes.  Two of the homes were old farm houses and two of the homes were new construction built to look like farm houses.  

This home was beautiful and the owner was so sweet. Her garden was amazing and her shed was so beautiful inside!  Maybe I would consider starting plants from seed if I had a gardening shed. The pond was at her mom's house which is across the street and was one of the new construction homes on  the tour.

This was my favorite farm house on the tour.  Couldn't you see yourself sitting on the front porch with a glass of tea or wine.  The porch wrapped around and had an outdoor kitchen and fireplace on the other side. This home also had the most beautiful pool. So maybe I would have my tea by the pool....oh...decisions!

Yesterday's picture was the barn that belongs with this farm house. One would never get to see the painting on the barn because it faces the fields instead of the road.  A beautiful hidden treasure!

 Next year we will be sure to have our camera along!
Don't you just love garden tours and the inspiration they provide!
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dee dee said...

What beautiful homes and gardens!
I'm so glad that you were able to take the photos your did! I think I'll move in with you in that wonderful farm house, we can take turns sitting on the porch then the pool!
Dee Dee

Pamela said...

Wendy those homes are just gorgeous! Thanx for sharing! I have alwys loved old farm houses.

Traci said...

Oh, how neat!

Debbie said...

WOnderful pics Wendy! I love home tours...never toured Farm favorite was your favorite too. Thanks for sharing, and will talk again soon. Deb

Suzy said...

I love tours like this. Beautiful homes!

Joyce said...

Love the painting the barn.

~marci said...

Wendy we toured that first home too on the day it opened on Parade of Homes. Beautifully done, and well thought out "extras", but too big for us (I like smaller spaces that make use of every inch!) The garden tour looked like fun!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Don't you just love going on house tours or garden tours. You get to snoop and see how the other half live.

Mary said...

Omigosh, what beautiful homes and gardens! It's always so much fun to see these lovely old places. Thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)

Mrs. DeVore said...

LOVE all of those homes! Those porches are perfect, would love one of those one day.

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