Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting a scrapbook....

Every year I take pictures of the landscaping, it is so much fun to see how much a tree has grown or what flowers the rabbits ate and we no longer have. I have all those pictures saved in my Little Red Book. This year when I grabbed my camera and started walking the yard, I found my self getting a little sentimental.

Then I thought why not scrapbook the house inside and out. That way we can look back any time we want and remember what Maddie's tree looked like and see Mary's Lilac bush....

When we moved in 10yrs ago our yard was nothing but dry brown dirt with rocks! Maddie was 2 yrs old and we would spend the morning with our buckets picking up rocks! It is amazing how far this yard has come!

This is Tony's herb garden. It is smaller this year, because we had a feeling we might be moving. This little garden is mini but mighty! It has been providing us with plenty of basil, sage, chives and thyme!
I love how there are chives growing from under the rock....we didn't plant them there! They choose that place all by themselves!

These are Tony's peppers! Also, doing fantastic this year!
The hole is from our exchange student learning to throw his first baseball!

There are a few of these little fellows tucked in among the flowers. They were all found at the Jersey shore by the kids! They'll be traveling to the "new" house with us!
Here is a view from the back of the house. It is funny how when I look at the pictures I see some dreams we had for this home that didn't come true. We had thought of adding a patio off of the deck and putting lattice around the A.C. unit!

All of these daisy's are from 2 small plants planted in 2007. I have divided them twice. They will need divided again next year. Maybe I should share these pictures with the new owner so they know what will come up in the spring. Do you think that is a good idea?

This view is from the deck looking at the back of the yard

Sarah was an infant when we put this bed in. We planted the Red Bud tree in the middle for her, which means tree is 8 yrs old!  This bed has seen lots of transformations over the years. The bunnies feel it is their own buffet. The cone flowers and black eyed Susan's get eaten every year...ugh! You would think we would give up, but Tony is determined to win!
This year he used this beautiful chicken wire around the bed.  Isn't that lovely!

Look closely...see it in there!
Not sure of the name of this flower, but it is our favorite.
It is now illegal to be sold in stores, but can be seen growing wild in the mountains or along Pa highways. If I recall, it was made illegal because it spreads so rapid. Does any one know if this is the true story?
(P.S. it's not illegal to have planted in your yard, just can't be sold in stores any more...wanted to clarify that!)

My bird feeder was a present from Tony for my 35th Birthday. We keep binoculars by the kitchen window to view all the birds that frequent the feeder on a daily basis.

In the middle is a Lilac bush we planted in memory of Tony's mom. She loved her lilac bush and would cut me a big bouquet every year! The grasses provide great privacy. You can see how the sun comes around the house, the grass on the right always gets the sun first!

Tony planted the arborvitaes in for the privacy. I love them!

When walking around the yard you are sure to run into Lily.
(She'll be coming with us, too!) 

My beautiful hydrangea was a gift from Deb. I am letting the blooms dry on the plant this year and plan to make a wreath for the "new" house.

This side of our house is with our little statue girl. She started her days with us at our first home and traveled with us here. She will be making one more trip, this time to live beside a pond!
See the picket fence in the back ground? We've never had a house that didn't have a picket fence. I am just that kind of girl!

Here we are back at the front!
10 yrs ago the front had red shutters, red door and brass lights. Now I have to go and compare to the Little Red Book to see how things have changed and stayed the same.

Hopefully soon I'll be sharing with you pictures from
"The land that moved us."

Joining in...


Love the Decor! said...

What a great idea to scrapboolk everything and I think the new owners would love copies of the yard to know what lovliness is ahead of them

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

Ahhh Wendy -- a bit melancholy, huh? Isn't it amazing how we judge the age of our children with the year we planted this or that. I did the same thing not too long ago and ended crying all through my post. My kids have gone now and it's hard to look at the empty yard when it seems like just yesterday we were out there with the whole family -- neighborhood, actually -- playing kickball, and the kids would run in and out of the house getting drinks and Popsicles. I wish you the very best of luck in your new adventure.

I have some of that purple flower too, although mine has not been overly difficult to contain. I call it a butterfly plant, but I'm truly not sure if that's what it is. I love it because it's quite hardy.

Great post!

dee dee said...

What a wonderful way to document your forever memories! Your yard is so beautiful and the meaning behind each addition speaks volumes to you, your family and those blessed to read this snippet of scrap booking! Hold on to these, but keep the other hand open to add all that is yet to come!
Dee Dee

Vickie ~ BGlad Papercrafts said...

Lovely! and oh, so many memories! Your Little Red Book is a great idea! Prior to one move we let our girls take the video camera around the house and record their memories and favorite spots - was a great way to help them say goodby and preserve memories at the same time!
*Visiting from the Bragfest*

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Good idea to scrapbook this and take it with you. It would be so hard for me to move from our house. We put so much time and hard work into the building of the house and doing all the yard work ourselves.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Wow. You have done a great job tending your home; and, yes, I think you should give the future owners a photo of the wonderful flowers that will be coming back! What a wonderful gift to them! Beautiful job!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your sentimental journey through your gardens, Wendy. I loved hearing the stories behind everything. Sad, but how exciting to make new flower beds and new memories. Make sure you take along some of those daisies and the purple stuff if you can!

Alecia said...

Such a treat to view your property and hear of it's changes- I would let the owners know about the daisies- goodnes-they are lovely. I would be sad to leave the redbud.

Corners of My Life said...

Thanks for the walk down your memory lane . . .

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a lovely yard! I keep a photo album online from yard to year of the yard and the house.
And some people I know keep garden journal as to what plants work where and those that do not!!

Wendy said...

I love your blog. Thank you for sharing.
Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your scrapbook idea is a great idea, Wendy! Must remember this.
Have a wonderful sunny happy and funny weekend. xx

Debbie said...

I love the idea of your red book.
Your lovely garden is looking good too!
I love the colours that you have choosen for your home!
I just wish I`ve found your blog sooner for inspiration... as we are nearly completion painting ours.
... Your colours choice is so much nicer... never mind, there`s always next time!Lol


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Wendy ~ Your yard is beautiful! I can see why you got melacholy . What is the size of the home you are moving to?
SO HAPPY you used my dryer sheet technique!

LDH said...

I think the scrapbook is a wonderful idea! We have bushes/trees in our yard that in some way relate to our children. Ones that started out so little and have grown as the kids did. Then there are the hand prints (and dog print) in the concrete when the patio was put in.

Lots of special little things that would be hard to leave. But a scrapbook project would sure help.

Nice stopping by :)

citymouse said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog... it's sweet and welcoming. Your house is great and when you guys move, I am sure the new one will be even better! I love old houses. Our last house was in a development. I don't think I could ever do that again. Our current house is old and has issues (of course) but I wouldn't trade it for the world. (At least today... ask me tomorrow when we have to work on plumbing in the bathroom and I may say something else!)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Yes! I think you should share photos with the new owners. Your yard looks so nice. Daisies are a fav of mine, so I love that big bunch of daisies. Your bird feeder is so pretty, and Lilly is a beauty too. What a great idea to let the hydrangea blooms dry, so you can have a wreath for the new home. Thank you for linking this post to Favorite Things Sat. (I LOVE your blog background). laurie

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Super idea! I enjoyed your comentary along with this post! I wish you blessings in your new adventure! ~ Katie

Terry said...

What a great outside space you have! I love the birdhouse - where did you find it? I've been looking at our landscaping pictures from just one month ago...things can really change almost overnight! Love your landscaping!

S and O said...

Those are some really lovely photos, you have a nice house, I'm totally envious of your garden :D


sissie said...

Your home looks lovely and holds many special memories. Sounds as though you are going to miss it very much.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am now one of your followers and will be back to see you often.


Mama Holli said...

Love the photos! Perfect idea to record the beauty in your yard!

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