Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's your (my) sign.....

Tonight the girls had dance. When I came in the door
Tony had a glass of red wine waiting for me. I look that stressed?

Selling and moving can do that to a girl!

At the Olde Factory the other day I was drawn to
some signs that were for sale.
Then I thought you might enjoy them too!

I took the pictures with my phone, sorry for the poor quality.
I love that Garden sign!
Wouldn't it be great to need a sign to tell you where the boats are?

Of course as I am going through the pictures,
I am thinking "Why didn't I buy this sign?"
Going to look for it this weekend,
but you know it will be gone.

This reminds me of the beach,
we love the beach!

This one needs to go to my good friend, Kris!
Oh my gosh do you see that awesome suitcase?
Missed that!
Now you know I was put on a spending freeze until we get to
the new house....what do you think...I think I can sneak it by.
Don't you?


Debbie said...

Yep...sneaker in, he will never know:) Looks awesome Wendy...have fun, no stress..not allowed!

Rene said...

I just love it when a glass of red wine is waiting for me :)


Manuela@TPOH said...

Oooh there are quite a few signs that I'd have gotten! I really like the fresh crabs one!


Beth said...

Keep your lovely purchase in its bag and hide it in the garage, then slip it in a box and hide the visa bill and no one will be the wiser!

Can I have the kids for an afternoon so you can pack?

alissa said...

Love those signs! Congrats on selling your house and your big move - can't wait to hear more and see pictures of the new place!

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