Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Crazy Week....

It is Sunday morning and we are skipping Sunday School, because it is the start of Mission week and we'll be at church this evening and tomorrow the kids and I are headed to the Joshua Farm with the church. We will be helping the boy's in the vegetable garden. It should be a fun week.  One day we hope to go to Nicaragua for a mission trip as a family. I thought I would take the opportunity to get caught up on blogging! Feels weird to blog on a Sunday morning!

The end of the school year is always a busy time, but this year it felt crazy! I always knew the day would come that the three kids would be in three different sports and this was the year.  Can't divide and conquer like we use to.  Also, seems like the 3 always started at the same time at the opposite ends of town! Thank goodness for Grandma's and good friends that help pinch hit when Tony worked late! One person divided by 3 doesn't work!!

Here is a recap of a wonderful crazy week....

Kids in our school district can start in track at the age of 5yrs old. It is the most fun sport for kids. They rotate through all events through the season and come together at the end of the season for one track meet. It is positive experience for all involved. This year Maddie made districts!  The big day for districts will be next weekend!

Lil' Tony had a great group of team mates, a group of positive parents, and supportive coaches this year. This makes for a fun season of baseball. Although I must tell you it started of rocky. Lil Tony was getting frustrated at the end of each practice, because he was missing the ball and not able to hit the ball.  It is so hard as a parent to watch your child's confidence fade.  Well, we discoved he literally could not see the ball...Needed Glasses!! We have watched his confidence return..hurray!!

We are lucky to live in the same town we grew up in. This means our family is close by and we are able to attend our niece Erin's softball games!  These girls also got to go to districts this year!!

Here tare the kids and Pop watching the game!

Are you still with me? Almost to the end of the week!

Our niece Emily had her dance recital and graduated highschool! I wish I had a clip of her dance recital. Amazing!

Miss Sarah loved ballet this year. It was her first year, thanks to my mom for seeing the sign ups!! This was also our first experience with dance rehersals, dress rehersal and the recital! Wow!! What an exhausting week. These girls work harded for the entire week, every night! I have mastered putting her hair in perfect bun in record time and learned some tricks of the trade! Next year we will do a much better job!

One funny story...On dress rehersal day, Maddie and I were enjoying dinner outside when we heard the stage door close. We looked at each other and thought "oh no, we couldn't be locked out?" Yep...locked out of the auditorium with no way in. Knocked on the stage door during taping of the dress rehersal. You guessed it irritated the instructor and told go to the front! So we stood at the front door waiting patiently for walk by and let us in!! The girls learned lots of great lessons this week, most of all how to handle stress and come out smiling!  This week also helped me with words to live by.

Now you know this is all going to repeat it self in the fall. That is when fall ball, soccer, field hockey, hip hop, tap, and ballet start. The funny thing is I swore we would never become one of these families running around crazy, but when your kids find the things they can we not!

If you read along for this crazy long post...thank you! Wanted to end with a song that was played last night and I just love the lyrics. Faith Hill...Fireflies. You know....we love to dream!

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dee dee said...

Wow what a busy week you've had!
What a blessing to live near family... this way you can share your lives with one another!
Dee Dee

Allie and Pattie said...

I am SO glad to see we're not the only ones!! And you're right- this is a wonderful time- enjoy it!!
xoxo Pattie

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I can feel the business of your week, my days of running with my kids are over, but as Grandma, I run just as much as I did with my kids, only now I have 4 instead of 2. You are making sweet memories, memories that you can't buy. Some of my most precious memories are times spent at the ball field.

Corners of My Life said...

You are so right about being in three different places being a challenge. We always say the day we were out numbered by our kids was the day our life became way more complicated. Enjoy every minute ~ it goes so fast . . .

It's Just Dottie said...

I enjoyed listening to your Sunday song. I am a grandmother and feel so blessed to help my son and his family, The time I spent with his little ones I hide in my heart for special moments.

A Garden of Threads said...

What a week, I can remember weeks like that when my boys were young. Great mosaics:)

Mary said...

Looks like a fun-filled week! :)

Bobbi said...

Hi, busy week, fun times, great mosaics! Hope you have a lovely new week!

Debbie said...

What great little mosaics and you must be so, so busy!

Snap said...

Great mosaics and busy kids! Wow!

Anna said...

So funny, I saw the picture of the track-kids in miniature on my screen and thought they were ducth soccer players! hahah
We played our first match in the world cup today. Orange is our national colour.
Have fun blogging!


Lori E said...

Seriously busy family. Tires me out just looking at it.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

great mosaics! i can relate to having to pull the troops in for help! I have 3 nephews that all play baseball. Two play on two teams and the other one also is in varsity golf. so, we are always spliting up to cover all the games.

have a great day!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Wendy I love your photo set-up. That's so funny you gave your mom my link as my mum reads your blog everyday. The only blogs she reads are mine and yours. When I talk to her on the phone she actually talks about your blog too :) "Isn't that Wendy sweet!" she'll say.

Natasha said...

Boy, you guys sure have been crazy busy! What fun you all had and what great memories you have created. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Thanks also for sharing this great song. I haven't heard it before-I love it!

Best wishes for a lovely week, Wendy.

Take care, Natasha.

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