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Father's Day Words to live by....

Re-posting today in honor of my dad....
(originally posted June 20, 2010)

He didn't tell me how to live;
 he lived,
and let me watch him do it.
~Clarence Budington Kelland

P-pa and Lil' Tony

It is a funny thing being a parent. As we start on this journey to adulthood we are so excited to create our "own" life and forge our own path. Set out into this big world to accomplish so many great things. I remember my best-friend, Angie, and I would talk about how we were never going to raise our kids in the same town we grew up in. Well, here Angie and I both the same town we grew up in!  Following in our parents foot steps. It has taken me being an adult to see that those paths our parent's forged are good paths.

Today I want to share 10 things my dad taught me and I hope to pass on to our kids.
1. Love and trust God with all your heart.
My dad and mom both love God with all their heart and lean on his guidance everyday. God's love never goes away...he is always right there for you to lean on and trust. 
2. Pray
One of the greatest memories as a child is praying with my parents and my dad. We took everything to pray and you can pray anywhere, not just at church, at dinner, or at bedtime...any time and any where. I will find my self driving and praying.   So many of his words he used when praying,  I find myslef using today with the kids when we pray. I love that they will ask, "Mom, can we pray."
3. How to fish.
Now maybe we don't need to fish for our food like our ancestors use to need to do, but many lessons come from a good fishing trip. Even though he taught us how to put a worm on the hook (without squeeling), reel in a fish, hold a fish and take the hook back out, and the best was letting it go. Freeing that little fish back into the big water. That was my favorite part...watching the fish swim back to freedom! 
4. A time to talk and a time to listen.
Chooses your words wisely, you can never take words back. Listen first and then answer. Sometimes you might not answer, because you are taking the time to choose your words wisely. Although today I have learned that when he is not answering, it is because he is disagreeing in his mind. That leads to number 5!
5. Agree to Disagree
We are each our own person and sometimes we won't agree. You listen to my side and I'll listen to your side and then we'll agree or not. It is okay not to agree. Not agreeing doesn't mean we don't love each other, it just means we are our own person and that is a good thing.
6. If you can't pay for it with cash, you don't need it.
The value of money and saving money was started at a young age. I remember when my parents got their first credit card. They taught us that it is for an emergency, like when we were on vacation and the car broke down and needed fixed. Thank goodness for that emergency credit card. They taught us that if we can't pay it off when the bill comes, then you need to think real hard if it is a needed. Need v.s. want' that is a tough lesson to learn!
7. How to use power tools.
My dad has an awesome woodworking shop. My brother and I were able to go down to the shop and use our imagination and create. My dad taught us how to use our minds, not have to follow a pattern. He taught us how to build the pattern in our minds and put it on paper. I think this is why I always have some project working in my brain and I know Mark, my brother, is the same.
8.Take time for one another.
You have to take the time to focus on your marriage. For as long as I can remember my parents go for breakfast every morning, just the two of them. They go to the local diner every morning, sometimes even before the birds are awake. This was their time to regroup, refocus and re-energize their marriage. A marriage needs a strong foundation to stand the storms that come. I look at them and the love they have and so thankful for giving me that. They have made marriage look easy, but we all know it is about making time and keep that foundation stong.
9. Enjoy a good cup of coffee.
If you know my parents they love a good cup of coffee. Coffee is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, and even after dinner. Doesn't matter how you brew it, what kind of coffee you make, or what you put in your coffee. It is all about the good conversation around that cup of coffee or the moment of solitute that you have enjoying a cup of coffee. If you visit we'll be sure to brew a pot of coffee for you!
10. Right from wrong.
I can still remembering him saying, "Wendy, we only have a small window of time to instill the value in you 
and Mark that we think make a good person and then it is up to you. You are going to be faced with choices and it is up to you to decide right from wrong."  All goes back to that foundation thing again. A foundation built on the love of God is stong and there is where you'll find answer for knowing right  v.s. wrong.
11. Dream
I had to add a number 11, the gift to dream. My parents dream and still dream today. I hope that some of the dreams that they have shared with us do come true. Dreams bring hope and without hope, we have nothing. So, friends dream and dream big!!

Of course I am still learning alot of this. Hopefully our kids look back and have learned lesson from us that they will want to share with their kids. Life is funny how it comes around full circle and we hear ourselves saying the same advice as our parents.
Happy Father's Day Dad.
We love you!


S and O said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing :D
Happy Fathers day

nannykim said...

Great list and I very much enjoyed reading it!! I love parents and all that they instill in us.

dee dee said...

Beautiful words to live by!
Dee Dee

Debbie said...

That is a beautiful post Wendy...and you make a beautiful family!!~

Pamela said...

Wonderful post Wendy and love that pic!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh what wisdom! I love all of it. Have a blessed day!

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