Sunday, May 30, 2010

Words to live by.....

To accomplish great things we must not only act,
but also dream,
not only plan,
but also believe.
  Anatole France (1844-1924)



Maggie B said...

We must never forget to dream and must always believe in ourselves.
Have a great week.

Allie and Pattie said...

Perfect Wendy. I needed that
xoxo Pattie

Wendy said...

Truer words could not be written...... hope you have a beautiful day!

Gayla said...

What a lovely thought. Have a great weekend.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Wendy, your words are so so lovely. They have inspired me today. Sending many happy thoughts your way for a sweet day! xx

dee dee said...

What profound and beautiful words!
Dee Dee

Kathy said...

Excellent words! Thanks for stopping by - hope you find a great ice cream maker!

Lori Lucas said...

Great quote. Very easy on the surface but too many of us don't want to look inside and do what it takes. Thanks for the reminder. Lori L

Annabelle said...

Believing is probably the hardest part. :)

Kim said...

Amen sister!

Donna said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks so much for the birthday greetings! I turned 29 (again!!). And sharing a birthday with my sister makes it extra special, too. Have a great holiday!

Katie said...

Beautiful quote!!! Hope you are having a fabulous long weekend! :)

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I am going to write this quote out on my chalkboard in the kitchen, I just love it!
Happy Memorial Day!

and flowers pick themselves said...

i adore the sentiment in that quote. enjoy your day :)

xo Alison

Mary said...

Beautiful statue & quote :-)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a beautiful quote! It was true then ... and true now.
Have a pretty day,

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