Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Out of bunny reach and plan B....

We just finished celebrating Easter and enjoyed all of the cute bunny decorations. I also have a few of these cute bunny decorations scattered around the house. They are so cute and sweet. we love their sweetness...

Then I buy these beautiful flowers to plant outside to bring some spring color to the front of our house.  I have to choose my flowers carefully because these sweet little creatures eat anything that is planted! Anything...even the bark this winter off of our hemlocks....those sweet little creatures!

I planted pansies last year and every one survived these little know where this story is going! Yep, planted them and the next morning.....

Gone...not a single flower! Tomorrow more than likely there will be no green left! I have to tell you here in Pa we struggle to grow these beautiful pansies, but we do grow big cute bunnies! Maybe it is just our neighborhood, because you could count at least 6 of these little guys at one sitting!  Just today I was telling this story and my friend told me her bunnies don't eat her flowers, never have...never....How can that be?

We do have one Lily....nope...these bunnies don't care...they can out run Lily! They are smart little guys...and girls! There are 3 labs in our block and nope...bunnies still rule!

So...plan B...plant our plants up high...out of bunny reach!
Tony drills holes into the bottom of two pales...for drainage!

Added soil to pails...

Added some pretty flowers!

If you were to walk around our neighborhood this summer you would see most homes have planters in their landscaping that holds their beautiful flowers. Out of bunny reach!

Now I need to go get 4 more pails for the other steps!

Now, if you have any bunny tips you would like to share...we would love to know!
We have tried a lot, but maybe you have a tip or a trick that we missed!


Allie and Pattie said...

Great idea- now if someone could come have a chat with our deer....
I just bought a flat of impatiens yesterday. Didn't get them planted yet- the flat is sitting by my garage door. Ray came in today and wanted to know what the dirt by the garage was for-not one flower or bit of green left- right out of the flat!! S-i-g-h...
xoxo Pattie

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Oh no! We have lots of bugs and slugs that white flies that destroy our flowers. I refuse to use chemicals so I keep trying to find the perfect hardy flowers. It's an expensive process of trial and error. Good luck keeping those wasky wabbits from eating all your beauties!

Kim said...

bb gun.......jk

alissa said...

Wendy -
I know how you feel - today I was out in the yard checking on all my bulbs and several areas had the buds completely chomped off! Ugh. . .I'm not too happy about it!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Those crazy little bunnies! My grandma used to have squirrels eat all of her flowers. She was told to place moth balls in the pots to keep the flower eating critters away. Your pots looks really pretty!

dee dee said...

I love the pails! I'll have to look for some at our local thrift store. Great blan B!
We will be in Chicago for a few days, I'll catch up with you this weekend!
Have a great week!
Dee Dee

Elizabeth said...

I love the pails! Shame about those cutesy wittle wabbits though!!

Beth said...

Hi Wendy! The rabbits sure are out in full force. I have tried
-putting human hair around the plant (from your hairbrush)
-putting a rubber snake near the plants
-moth balls
-I get a spray from Lowe's that is a mixture of bad smells, not the least of which is, I believe some kind of urine and blood, also garlic or something. Totally organic.
-They don't eat marigolds or lavender.
Good luck!

Atelier de Charo said...

Beautiful pails!!!


Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

In addition to Beth's suggestions, we've also tried straight coyote urine (which is just horrid), ground up bone, ground red pepper and dog hair. But don't bother, none work. I have surrendered to those horrible beasts.

I do like your pails though.

Aimee said...

Beautiful flowers. We don't have too many problems with critters here in CA more so the weather. little too hot

Now responding to your comment on my blog. There have ben a lot of aftershocks. I have not felt most of them but I did feel the one today. We barely felt it but I still did. Eh its kind of unnerving how many aftershocks Baja has had. Thanks for thinking of me :) You are too sweet.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Those cuties will definitely plow through the greenery! Love your other cutie, Lily. We had a Golden named Lily....I miss her! Love your blog...glad I found you!

Katie said...

Darn that cute Big Bunny ;)

Love those pails lining the steps of your front porch!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Wendy I've missed my visits, but little by little I'm catching up.
Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.

The galvanized pails not only solves the temptation of snacking bunnies... it's also a beautiful embellishment to your porch steps.
I'm so excited to see more of spring popping up. I look forward to applying it's inspirational palette of colors into a few decorations and gifts, with a little baking/cooking in between.
Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
It's definitely invigorating.

Sweet wishes,

MommieDaze said...

Very cute! I love the rustic buckets. We have a groundhog that eats the garden we plant every spring. Well, not all of it. Be always the broccoli and cauliflower plants. So frustrating.

Cathy said...

I adore the galvanized buckets...such a great idea...soooo charming! I hope it saves your beautiful pansies!


Debbie said...

Love those Wendy! that is a very neat idea!~ Your flowers look great! Thanks for popping in, have not seem you in awhile, thought I lost ya:) Glad I found ya:)

Michelle said...

Love the rustic charm of the flowers in the pails. Your Lily looks just like our Cassie (such a sweet dog!). No clue for the bunnies, unless you want to get a cat. Our cat keeps ours away (our dogs could care

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Wendy -

I have an answer for your problem - Blood Meal.
I have the same situation - bunnies and squirrels eating my plants. Sprinkle blood meal all over them when you plant them on the dirt and mulch around them, try to avoid the leaves and blossoms because it can burn them although I've never had this problem. It's a natural fertilizer so that's good for the flowers.(by product of slaughter houses which I don't like to think about being as I am a vegetarian) It smells bad for a few days but then you don't know it's even there. I do this every year for my pansies and sweet potato vines. Like you I went out the first morning I planted pansies to find them all eaten.

But as long as you generously sprinkle blood meal as soon as you plant, you are ok. I just looked up on Wikipedia and it says there to use to keep bunnies and deer away.

Let me know if it works for you.


Wendy said...

You guys are awesome...I will try the blood meal! I think we have tried all most all the other tricks / tips...except for the cat! Maybe the neighborhood could chip in together and get a neighborhood cat! I will let everyone knows how it goes!!

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