Friday, April 2, 2010

Flower Lolipop's and Chocolate Bowls

Since the kids are off of school today and I am off of work
we thought it would be fun to make something for Easter.
The kids got out the cookbooks and were trying to
agree on one recipe.
No easy task with three kids.

Finally an agreement on chocolate!
They found a recipe to make bowls out of chocolate.
Tony assured us all that it was going to be too difficult! we hear a challenge?
That is the one thing we all agreed on...
We are trying this and proving dad wrong!
While at the store for our supplies we also picked
up white chocolate and flower mold to make
flower lolipops!


white chocolate chips
lolipop sticks
plastic mold
jelly beans

Sarah thought it would be fun to put a jelly bean in the center of each flower!

We melted the chips per the directions on the bag.
(for the record we did comb Sarah's hair this morning...she is blessed with natural mess wave)

We spooned the melted white chocolate over top of the jelly beans.

Inserted the sticks and swirled them around to make sure the entire
stick is coated with chocolate.
Placed them in the refrigerator until set!

We placed each Lolipop in a wrapper and
put them in a small flower pot for

Chocolate Bowls
twist ties

Blow up balloon to the size you want your bowl.
Don't tie the top close, use a twist tie to keep it closed.
Wash and dry the bottom of each balloon.
Cover a sheet tray with foil.

Melt your chocolate
and dip the bottom of the balloon in the chocolate.

Place balloons on sheet tray and put in the refrigerator,
until chocolate is harden.

Okay, up to this point we are thinking it is a piece of cake!
Not too hard....
Here is the tricky part!
After the chocolate is firm you slowly let the air out!
This is key, because if it comes out too fast it will crack the sides of your bowl.
Did you ever try to tell kids to slow down....take it easy....don't go to fast....
Well.....we were left with 3 bowls by the end!
3 kids ~ 3 bowls

They are happy and
that is all that matters!

We always have to try a tester out....
We are enjoying a beautiful summer like day here in Pa..
hope the weather is the same for you!

This post is by the Relatively Unique kids...
my only job in this post was the photographer!
(they wanted you to know)

for a fun Weekend party!
Have a great Easter!


Sandra said...

What fun projects for kids and yummy too! I am loving all the fun posts I have read through and just became a follower...I will see you again soon.

Allie and Pattie said...

I have this project set aside- thanks for the tip on letting the air out!! How cute are they! Happy Easter to all!
xoxo Pattie

Maria M. Boyer said...

Fabulous, Wendy! But why can't it be linked to Foodie Friday? I'd eat all those lollipops and bowls myself!! Happy Easter.

alissa said...

Wendy - Your kids did a great job! The lolipops are so cute and I love how they look in the little pot. I'm glad you ended up with three chocolate bowls. . .two would not have been good!

dee dee said...

Wendy and kids....
Way to prove dad wrong (sorry Tony) !
What a fun project for the kids to do today!
Love the jelly bean in the middle, don't think I've ever seen that before!
I have the same Pampered Chef microwave pot (actually I have 3) and had to smile when I saw yours! Have a great evening... dee dee

MommieDaze said...

Oh, yum! Those chocolate bowls are fab!

Beth said...

I love the jelly bean in the middle of the flower, tell Sarah she's a genius!

Paula said...

Both projects are super cute. Your children did a great job and they look like they had fun, too.

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

Both of these look like so much fun to do with your children! Love how you made the chocolate bowl - so unique!

Karen said...

What a fun day! The treats look yummy and I think its great your kids learn to jtry new, unique things. And for the record, I love Sarah's hair!

Alecia said...

how cute and kid friendly these are- may try the white choco ones this friday pm- we have some friends over and think the kids would like to make these. thanks

jenjen said...

Those lollipops are so cute. ANd I love the way you made the nests!

Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party!

I hope you will link up and show us more of your projects!


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