Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thrifting in King of Prussia.....

On Thursday, 5 of us meet in King of Prussia for a fun day of great conversation, good food and of course thrifting! A few months ago I was so lucky to start a blogging friendship with Kim from My Domestic Bliss. In one of our conversations we thought, wouldn't it be so much fun to meet in King of Prussia and go thrifting. Then we thought, why not see who else would like to join in the fun!

So here we are (minus me) from left to right:

These girls are awesome and so much fun! First we meet for a brunch and had some good laughs! Then we set our plan of action for thrifting!  Jessi wasn't able to join us thrifting, but so glad she could meet us for brunch! She is a sweetheart! Kim was our tour guide and she did wonderful! Our first stop was a consignment shop, Kim took her camera in and you'll need to keep an eye on her blog for the pictures! We didn't want to scare the owners with too many camera's! I did pass on a beautiful china pattern, now I am thinking I should take a drive back for it. Although it is probably gone by now.

Deb was our taxi driver and we had 3 GPS's...just in case! (We still manaed to get lost on the way there.)
We went to a Good Will and a Salvation Army in Norristown, Pa. I was so proud of Deb for making a great purchase on a mirror! (Deb is a long time friend and neighbor)

Hurray up take her money before she changes her mind!

Deb did it! Purchanse made! Isn't that an awesome mirror! She is going to hang it in her foyer. I think she said she is going to be painting it black. 

Here is Kim buying a picture frame! She bought 3 addorable frames through out the day!

Here is Stephanie showing me a picture. It wasn't until after I took the photo I realized what the picture looked like. Ummmm...Is she holding it up side down or right side up? Any ways...she didn't buy that picture. (Stephanie is the one who got me hooked on blogging!)

On to our next shop....this is where I did good...really good! I will take the trip again to this thrift shop!
Let me give you a closer look at the shoes. I paid $12 for. They look like they were never worn!
When I got home went on line and found them at Nordstrom for $89!

I also got 2 great jackets. They both look like they were never worn! The owner told me they wash and iron everything, if it needs dry cleaned they will have it dry cleaned first.

We plan to get together again and find another fun town to do some thrifting in! Thanks girls I had a great day! Maybe you can join us next time! We hope :)


dee dee said...

I so would have loved to be there for this fun event. Thanks for posting the photos, it makes me feel like part of the event from Ohio! Great shoes and jackets... Your taste run similar to mine... we could have a blast shopping together!
Have a great weekend my friend!
Off to paint!
Dee Dee

Allie and Pattie said...

Oh I would have LOVED that! And how on earth did you pass up CHINA?? I can't do that! Looks like a fabulous day
xoxo Pattie

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Wendy, thanks for coming by & leaving a note! Nice to meet you. And what fun you had shopping with your bloggy friends, that's such a fun thing to do. I LOVE thrifting too & go yardsaling every Sat. & have a thrifty linky party that goes up on Sun. evenings for everyone to join in. You should come by & check it out sometime.

Love your Wedgewood Gray DR! I have that color in one of my bathrooms.

Atelier de Charo said...

Oh, seems you have a great day!!!


AmericanTribal said...

Thrifting is so much fun! Love the pictures... I laughed hysterically when I saw the one that Stephanie was holding up.
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! :)

Sherry said...

Great finds! I think we have the same taste. I love your dining room and now your jackets. Too cute. That looks like a lot of fun.

Maria M. Boyer said...

I think I was supposed to let you know beforehand if I could make it or not. I'm such a geek! I was working, so couldn't have gone, but I'm glad you all had such a fun time!! Hopefully next time...

stephanie said...

Wendy, so glad we could all get togther. So much fun, thanks for organizing!! New front door went in today, absolutely love it! Wonder how Kim did at her yardsale today?

Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Thanks to you and Kim for organizing the outing. It was a lot of fun ... but HOW did I miss Stephanie's photo in real time???? HA!

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

I am so totally jealous! Look like a wonderful time!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Isn't blogging great?
The friendships made are priceless!
It was neat to read about you girls shopping together!
I wish I lived in PA!
I will have to see who is near me here in SC!
You all scored some wonderful things, and what's more important, you spent time together having fun!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Wendy what a great day you girls must've had. I'd love to meet bloggers close to me and I think you guys might be starting a trend ;o) Love your purchases.

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