Friday, April 2, 2010

And the winner is......

Having our first give away was so much fun!
Thank you to everyone who participated!
Using the random number generator....

The winner is......

Drum Roll.......

Bonnie at the

Bonnie send me an email at
with your address and I will place your new picture frame and heart in the mail!

We did get a few emails wondering if we are going to
sell the picture frames via Etsy...
It is on my "To Do List" to figure out!
When we'll be the first to know!

Happy Easter it Everyone!!


dee dee said...

Congratulations to the winner!
Wendy you should figure out how to sell these, they are wonderful!
Dee Dee

Allie and Pattie said...

Congratulations Bonnie!! Lucky you!! Wendy and Tony- Buona Paqua!!
xoxo Pattie, Ray, Allie, and the rest of the crew!

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